7 superyachts that make the most of glass



With towering glass-wrapped skyscrapers and ultra modern glass-walled houses popping up around the world it is perhaps no surprise that requests for more glass on superyachts are coming thick and fast. We take a look at some of the designs that have pushed the boundaries when it comes to the use of glass on superyachts.

1. Missy

The recently delivered 33 metre sloop Missy is a great example of this. Built by Dutch yard Vitters to a design by Malcolm McKeon, she features an innovative glass canopy over the saloon, which provides incredibly bright interiors for a sailing yacht.

Photo: Jesus Renedo



Vitters |   33 m |   2016


Enigma was launched as the iconic Eco in 1991 by Blohm & Voss and was one of the first yachts to use curved glass as a design and structural element.

Espen Øino was a designer on the project, alongside Martin Francis and other young designers, and he said, “We researched the glass for about three years and were convinced we would get a lot of strength from the geometry of the glass, like an egg”.

Blohm & Voss have continued to use curved glass to great effect, most notably on the well-known 119 metre Motor Yacht A, and on 96 metre Palladium.



Skat was one of the first yachts to introduce large expanses of glass to yacht design. When she was delivered in 2002 the windows on the 71 metre Lürssen made even the largest traditional yacht windows look tiny.

The structure on the bridge deck aft has been described as an 'overhanging conservatory', with the extensive glazing letting light in and providing fantastic views out.

15 years later and full height-glass is now one of the top design features that superyacht owners are looking for in a new build.



Lurssen |  70.99 m |  12 guests |  €56,500,000



Lurssen |   70.7 m |   2002


The groundbreaking 78 metre Venus was built by Feadship for the late Steve Jobs and the design reflects the innovative nature of the famous entrepreneur. Designer Philippe Starck used glass extensively in the design of this super secretive yacht.

It would seem that Jobs was a fan of using glass in design. James O’Callaghan’s famous glass staircases are appearing in Apple Stores around the globe. When presented with the initial design, Jobs responded, “I think you should make it all out of glass”.

Venus was spotted emerging from a refit in La Ciotat, France, in October 2015.

Picture courtesy of Guillaume Conti and Amandine Conti



Feadship |   78.2 m |   2012


Glass is a 60 metre SWATH (Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull) concept that was inspired by the versatility of Lego bricks.

The yacht features a 360 degree glass façade designed around a structural ‘heart’ that’s based on the function of a skyscraper core.

“Like a multi-faceted gem, the entire façade becomes a mirrored reflection of the ocean,” said designer Lujac Desautel.

Desautel is also responsible for the unusual 55 metre sailing yacht concept, Salt, which features huge glass facades and was inspired by the Philip Johnson Glass House in Connecticut.

Lujac Desautel was nominated for the 2014 Boat International Young Designer of the Year Award.



The 88 metre Feadship Musashi has walls of glass throughout the living area and this  industrial design is partnered perfectly with a Japanese aesthetic.

“We tried to push the glass,” said designer Sander Sinot, of Sinot Design Associates, “to make the windows as big as possible, so it feels more like a penthouse apartment than a yacht.

“The theme was also apparent on Rising Sun, which used a structural web with big areas of glass, and it’s something we wanted to translate for Musashi.”

Musashi features a central glass lift, surrounded by a stainless steel and glass staircase that passes through every deck. The steps of the staircase are made from three layers of glass.

Musashi’s sistership, Fountainhead, features the same expanses of glass and in February 2016 caused a stir as she docked up outside of Epic Hotel in Miami.



Feadship |   87.78 m |   2011


The 33.5 metre Feadship Kamino has the impressive claim of having more glass as a proportion of its exterior than any other Feadship, which is saying a lot when you look at the other Feadships in this list.

She was launched in May 2016 as hull number three in a series of five similar compact superyachts, and the design by De Voogt Naval Architects just emphasises how far yacht design has come, with the huge windows not compromising the structural integrity of the yacht.