Many of you will know that, on April 11 2009, Chris Cecil Wright of Edmiston & Company set off with seven companions to walk from Ice Station Barneo across the Arctic Circle to the North Pole in aid of charity. The charity in question is the Aqualung Trust, set up by CNI’s Nick Baker before he succumbed to lung cancer in May 2008. Chris and his team reached the Pole in record time yesterday, April 16th, having had to contend with temperatures as low as -40 degrees and broken ice pressure ridges as high as houses. The yacht brokerage community responded very generously to the charity appeal and to date £32,370 has been raised against Chris’s target of £50,000.
There’s still time for you to donate in recognition of this record-breaking feat – simply click on the Two Feet On The Table . And why Two Feet On The Table? According to Chris, in days gone by, those who had rounded Cape Horn were entitled to put one foot on the table after dinner, while those who had crossed the Arctic Circle were entitled to put both feet up. No prizes for guessing that he now has his sights set on rounding the Horn.

To donate please click on Two Feet On The Table

Tel: +377 93 30 54 44

Chris Cecil-Wright

Chris Cecil-Wright


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