Dashew FPB 97 yacht

The Wicked FPB 97 is designed to the maximum size a couple can operate together

Size matters when owners want the freedom to cruise with or without crew, and the latest model in Steve Dashew’s FPB line of ocean cruising yachts has been designed with this in mind.

‘People continue to ask for an economical series-built FPB scaled to the maximum size a couple can operate together,’ Dashew says. ‘The Wicked FPB 97 is designed from the keel up to fulfill that mission.’

With a length of 29.9m, the new FPB 97 has the strongest structure ever offered in a production yacht, a range of over 5,000 nautical miles at 11.5 knots and a draught of only 1.5 metres. It also has fossil fuel independence at anchor, meaning a low carbon footprint.

Like her sisterships in the FPB series, the Wicked FPB 97 is designed for optimal comfort and safety, with proven sea-kindliness, unique heavy weather capabilities including recovery from capsize and robust systems engineered for minimum maintenance taken as a given.

But the FPB 97 has some design innovations too, most notably in her interior which features a ‘Matrix Deck’ – a cross between a fly bridge and penthouse – and a ‘Grand Room’ that combines living, working and entertaining spaces. Comfort and luxury are not compromised on the spacious accommodation deck either, where the 7.7m full-beam owners’ suite has a walk-in wardrobe, en suite with shower, bathtub and sauna, and lounging space.

Dashew FPB 97 matrix deck

The innovative 'Matrix Deck' on the FPB 97 yacht

The FPB 97 represents a new take on luxury yacht ownership, offering independence, true reliability, ease of operation, a minimal carbon footprint and virtually unlimited options on where you can cruise.

Dashew FPB 97 yacht saloon deck

The 'Great Room' is a saloon space for living, working and entertaining

‘The FPB 97 reflects everything we’ve learned in 35 years of cruising and boat building, packaged with more comfort and luxury than was possible before, and gives her owners the freedom to travel with or without crew,’ says Dashew.

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