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Taveuni, Fiji

Taveuni, Fiji

The Great White Wall has long been one of Fiji'’s most famous dive sites and for good reason - it’ is a unique and awesome wall dive. What makes it so special and worthy of being on your bucket list is that it’ is a sheer drop smothered in uniformly white soft-coral growth that resembles a snow-covered ski slope.

This underwater winterland starts at 25 metres and drops off to well-below recreational diving depths. As strong currents always sweep along the steep face, experience is definitely needed.

Fiji is well known for its prolific soft corals, offering many excellent dive sites, but this is one dive you should definitely do before you die.

Best time to dive : November to April
Water temperature : 24-30°C, so a 3mm wetsuit is ideal

Picture courtesy of John A. Anderson/Shutterstock.com