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Mediterranean Destination Features

Get set for the Med this summer

Kicking off the Med season on the last Sunday in May was the Monaco Grand Prix, but events to attend stack up quite quickly after that, and then there are decisions to be made about where to cruise this summer...

A superyacht owner’s guide to Sardinia

Owner of superyacht Leander, Sir Donald Gosling, has cruised throughout the world but returns time and again to Sardinia; here he shares some of the island's best kept secrets and the reasons why he can never tire of it

Deep-sea discoveries in the Western Mediterranean

Oceana's summer 2011 expedition to the Western Mediterranean in research yacht Ranger found a rare deep sea coral reef with thriving - and colourful - inhabitants

Caribbean Destination Features

Port Louis Marina

Grenada's only dedicated superyacht marina sits in the picturesque basin of its capital St George's, the gateway of a blissfully untouristy part of the Caribbean

The highs and the lows: hiking the peaks and diving the depths in the French Caribbean

The best way to get up close to the natural Caribbean is to don hiking boots or diving gear and get out there – these are some recommended expeditions

Mustique – a paradise hideaway

Natural yet sophisticated, casual yet elegant, sociable yet private, the island of Mustique is an exquisite contradiction and where you head to forget the troubles of the world

South Pacific Destination Features

Six of the best New Zealand restaurants

In recent years, New Zealand's culinary reputation has exploded. From cutting-edge cuisine in Auckland to boutique wineries on the South Island, experience the best the region has to offer

Gone fishing: piscatory pursuits up North Island, New Zealand

A favourite cruise of VvS1’s owner is a fishing expedition up the coast of North Island, but pursuing marlin and reeling in groupers is just a side show to the area’s staggering beauty and isolation

Other sides of New Zealand

New Zealand has some of the world's most interesting and attractive natural scenery. From fjords to forests, some of the most beautiful is accessible only by boat...

View the complete destination features archive

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Six days in the Windward Isles: St Lucia, St Vincent and the Tobago Cays

Discover an island of legendary beauty in a cruise around St Lucia, followed by a passage to neighbouring St Vincent and the magical marine wonderland of Tobago Cays

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