places to find the world’s best oysters

Speciales Gillardeau oysters in France

La Rochelle, France

The fresh ocean taste of an oyster while relaxing on a luxury yacht is hard to beat. Here is  our guide on where to find five of the best oysters in the world:

France’s most renowned oysters are Speciales Gillardeau, which are produced by the Gillardeau family. The company is based near La Rochelle in western France and the oysters are cultivated over four years following strict rules which have been passed down by four generations. The oysters are famous for their meaty flesh which supplies an “endless ocean of flavours”.

Due to the way they are cultivated, Gillardeau oysters can be eaten more than eight days after packaging so ensure your chef orders some in if you are in the country on your private yacht or enjoying a luxury yacht charter in France.

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