Top 9 helicopters for your superyacht

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Airbus H135 helicopter

Airbus H135 helicopter

Just commissioned a beautiful new  superyacht with a helicopter deck? Whether your new to the aerial world or an experienced buyer, our guide will give you plenty of options for your next purchase.

Airbus H135

Formerly known as the Eurocopter EC135, the mid-sized H135 is based on a design first seen 20 years ago — one that has become highly regarded for its reliability, quiet running and competitive price. It is renowned for its ability to land in tricky spaces (making it ideal for superyachts) and for its operational capability at high altitude and in hot weather. It also has an exceptional long-distance carrying capacity. All of which explains why more than 1,150 are in use around the world in the hands of private, commercial and military operators. An H135 also will appeal to those who don’t mind spending more than $4 million on a helicopter but do resent paying through the nose to run it. Its relatively simple design, long inspection intervals and moderate fuel consumption make it one of the lowest-cost twin-engined helis to run. From $4.2 million.

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