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Boat International magazine September 2015 issue 

Unless you are Roman Abramovich, who was photographed braving a rainy Scottish coast in Eclipse this July, life on board presents an “endless summer” – whether in the Med, Caribbean or otherwise – so why not dedicate an issue to it? Our September issue is packed full of inspiration for extending your Med Season, from the newest jet-set hangouts on the Turkish coast, to a Venice Film Festival survival guide and a buyers’ breakdown of this summer’s must-have toy: the drone. 

Even Georgie Ainslie, who has been preoccupied this summer, what with helping her husband target the America’s Cup trophy, found the time to hotfoot it to Saint-Tropez and burn down the Riviera on Andre Hoek’s 23 metre Seven, pushing her to 50 knots. Abramovich wasn’t alone in seeking fresher terrain, however: owner Anil Thadani got so bored of his endless summer that he decided to navigate the Northwest Passage – not once, but twice, and recalls in gripping detail what that involved.

Sacha Bonsor
Editorial Director

The last time I counted I had four kids – they seem to just appear every few years like screaming pink bags of “me, me, me” – so I took some heart from our family yachting feature, mainly in the fact that Victor Muller manages to keep his sanity with six offspring on board. To be fair, he’s got a bit more boat to play with: 37 metres against my 30 feet, and a few more crew (five) compared to my two: Nanny and Grandpa. But his point that yachting is a family affair really chimed. 

Eddie Jordan certainly agrees: the delight on his kids’ faces as they jump off the front of his sailing yacht only to grab onto a trailing rope is what makes being on the water special for him. Kim Vibe-Petersen, meanwhile, is the ultimate family man: his children are big parts of his business, too. I think I’ll leave it a few years before following his example and getting my six-year-old girl into boat testing, though. “Does it come in pink, Daddy?”

Stewart Campbell