boat international magazine october 2014 issue superyacht luxury yacht megayacht Even though I can’t sail (something I intend to rectify in 2015) and rarely get to go (yes, that is a hint), for me nothing evokes a sense of romance, excitement and adventure better than a sailing yacht. The thought of heading towards the horizon with no more than the wind to guide me and the sea for company feels so much more than a fantasy – closer to a primeval longing to which one day I hope to return. It was with this in mind that we unwittingly themed our February issue, from the spectacular cover yacht to our definitive guide to racing and even the best sailing watches. It is also a dream that Fabien Cousteau, grandson of the famous Jacques, tells us that he is trying to preserve with his relentless efforts to conserve the ocean, even if his grandfather’s estate begs to differ. And, of course, if I ever get bored of my fantasy horizon, I could do worse than take a brief detour to some of the world’s most beautiful islands: I just need to save a copy of this month’s Voyage section to help me find them.

Sacha Bonsor,
Editorial Director

There was plenty of groaning in the office when the pictures of Wisp landed. Good groaning – not the kind you emit when unwrapping socks at Christmas (thanks, Mum). We could almost have run a report with the words repeated: “Just look at it”. Everyone involved in that build should be patting themselves on the back, and you can tell we loved every second of being on board. In fact all our yachts this month feature outstanding moments of design: Atomic with her big volumes; Kizbel’s Hemingway-esque charm and the Mulder 98’s whatever-weather hull. Each of these yachts would have appeared in our last Global Order Book, the complete chronicle of superyachts in build the world over. I urge you to spend a while staring at this year’s graphical version in this issue. Now you know, for instance, that there’s a 34m in build in Iran...

Stewart Campbell, Editor
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yacht superyacht luxury yacht megayacht
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The islands to buy, to rent and to be seen on. Plus: match the island to the A-lister.
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Start your year right in this season's most sumptious seafaring looks.

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