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Paradise Motor 33.53m Horizon Taiwan 10 October
AZ100 Grande Motor 30.80m Azimut Italy 09 September
AZ84 Motor 25.69m Azimut Italy 09 September
AZ80 Motor 25.20m Azimut Italy 09 September
100RPH/2 Motor 31.09m Hatteras Yachts USA 09 September
Comanche Sail 30.48m Hodgdon Yachts USA 09 September
Nakupenda Sail 24.00m Vismara Italy 09 September
Alfulk Motor 49.90m Bilgin Yachts Turkey 09 September
BK002 Motor 32.98m Benetti Italy 09 September
Alive Motor 42.40m Heesen Yachts Netherlands 09 September
Rock.It Motor 60.35m Feadship Netherlands 08 August
Project Sunset Motor 44.80m Sunrise Yachts Turkey 08 August
My Darlings Motor 39.60m FNM/Perama Spain/Greece 08 August
Columbia Sail 43.59m Eastern Shipbuilding USA 08 August
Mingfa Motor 40.20m Benetti Italy 08 August
Alyssa Motor 38.75m Tansu Yachts Turkey 08 August
SL118/2 Motor 36.50m Sanlorenzo Italy 08 August
Jurata Motor 35.00m Arcadia Yachts Italy 08 August
Bonita II Motor 33.60m Sanlorenzo Italy 08 August
Telli's Motor 32.62m Ferretti Custom Line Italy 08 August
Serenitas Motor 31.68m Mengi Yay Turkey 08 August
Bahamas SkyMaster Motor 30.48m Paragon Motor Yachts Taiwan 08 August
Navetta 28 Motor 28.35m Ferretti Custom Line Italy 08 August
Autumn Motor 28.15m Sunseeker UK 08 August
TsaTsa Motor 27.80m Canados Italy 08 August
Noga Motor 27.43m Cantiere delle Marche Italy 08 August
The Aviatrix Motor 27.00m Fipa – Maiora Italy 08 August
86 Yacht Motor 26.30m Sunseeker UK 08 August
AZ80 Motor 25.20m Azimut Italy 08 August
80 Sport Yacht Motor 24.72m Sunseeker UK 08 August
Quantum Blue Motor 104.00m Lürssen Germany 07 July
Kismet II Motor 95.20m Lürssen Germany 07 July
Y710 Motor 88.50m Oceanco Netherlands 07 July
Illusion I Motor 58.00m Benetti Italy 07 July
Super Sport 48 Motor 48.00m Palmer Johnson USA 07 July
Entourage Motor 47.00m Admiral Tecnomar Italy 07 July
10216 Motor 46.00m Baglietto Italy 07 July
AZ80 Motor 25.20m Azimut Italy 07 July
Cheers 46 Motor 42.60m Benetti Italy 07 July
Nono Motor 37.50m Admiral Tecnomar Italy 07 July
Mulder 98 Fly Motor 30.48m Mulder Shipyard Netherlands 07 July
No Problem of London Motor 29.20m Ferretti Italy 07 July
Alfa Quattro Motor 24.72m Sunseeker UK 07 July
7752 Motor 34.14m Westport USA 07 July
7751 Motor 34.14m Westport USA 07 July
8525 Motor 25.90m Pacific Mariner USA 07 July
Samisa Motor 26.30m Delta Powerboats Sweden 06 June
Missing Card III Motor 27.24m Horizon Taiwan 06 June
La Petite Ourse Motor 26.23m Wally Italy 06 June
Thumper Motor 40.05m Sunseeker UK 06 June
Perseus 3 Sail 60.00m Perini Navi Italy 06 June
Forever One Motor 54.50m ISA Yachts Italy 06 June
Gatsby Motor 30.00m Filippetti Italy 06 June
Aventus Motor 33.60m Sanlorenzo Italy 06 June
Sandy Motor 29.80m Sunseeker UK 06 June
Yolo Motor 26.82m Cantiere delle Marche Italy 06 June
Flying Dragon Motor 45.00m Admiral Tecnomar Italy 06 June
Ceydam Motor 42.00m VBG Super Yachts Turkey 06 June
AZ100 Leonardo Motor 30.48m Azimut Italy 06 June
AZ88 Motor 26.52m Azimut Italy 06 June
AZ84 Motor 25.69m Azimut Italy 06 June
Zazou Motor 40.20m Benetti Italy 06 June
Peacemaker Motor 29.10m Sanlorenzo Italy 06 June
Anyuta Motor 40.00m Sunseeker UK 06 June
India Motor 29.10m Sanlorenzo Italy 06 June
Pumpkin Motor 49.90m Overmarine Italy 06 June
Silver Wind Motor 43.63m ISA Yachts Italy 06 June
So'Mar Motor 37.90m Tansu Yachts Turkey 06 June
No. 9 Motor 34.53m Sunseeker UK 06 June
Allegra Sail 24.00m Green Marine UK 06 June
Edesia Motor 39.60m Benetti Italy 06 June
Ti-Coyo Sail 32.00m Nautor's Swan Finland 06 June
90-711 Sail 27.71m Nautor's Swan Finland 06 June
Noor Motor 28.04m Sanlorenzo Italy 06 June
Elada Motor 45.00m Bilgin Yachts Turkey 06 June
M Motor 26.30m Sunseeker UK 06 June
Majesty 105 Motor 32.00m Gulf Craft UAE 06 June
Dhow 38m Motor 37.50m Agantur Turkey 06 June
Squadron 80 Motor 24.37m Fairline UK 05 May
Instant Gratification Motor 39.62m Westport USA 05 May
Vesper Motor 30.00m SES Yachts Turkey 05 May
Yalla Motor 73.00m CRN Italy 05 May
Low Profile Motor 40.00m Admiral Tecnomar Italy 05 May
Elena Motor 47.00m Heesen Yachts Netherlands 05 May
Onika Motor 40.00m Delta Marine USA 05 May
Ester III Motor 66.00m Lürssen Germany 05 May
V92EB Motor 28.45m Viking USA 05 May
Foam Motor 35.00m Admiral Tecnomar Italy 05 May
Elfje Sail 46.40m Royal Huisman Netherlands 05 May
Latiko Motor 44.20m Benetti Italy 05 May
AZ95 Motor 29.57m Azimut Italy 05 May
AZ80 Motor 25.20m Azimut Italy 05 May
Miss Anna Motor 26.00m DL Yachts Italy 05 May
Blood Baron Motor 25.90m Northern Marine USA 05 May
Logica Motor 44.80m Logica Yachts Italy 05 May
Gra Nil Motor 26.20m Cantiere delle Marche Italy 05 May
Blue Berry Motor 31.50m Benetti Sail Division Italy 05 May
Farfalla Sail 31.42m Southern Wind South Africa 05 May
WinWin Sail 33.00m Baltic Yachts Finland 05 May
Anastasia K Motor 47.00m Benetti Italy 05 May
Okto Motor 66.00m ISA Yachts Italy 05 May
Bliss Motor 52.40m Palmer Johnson USA 05 May
My Paradis Motor 32.98m Benetti Italy 04 April
Bliss Sail 24.00m Cyrus Yachts Turkey 04 April
Trident Motor 44.50m Sanlorenzo Italy 04 April
Swift Motor 36.20m AB Yachts Italy 04 April
The One Motor 24.79m Horizon Taiwan 04 April
Ocean Victory Motor 140.00m Fincantieri Italy 04 April
O Motor 33.60m Sanlorenzo Italy 04 April
AZ120SL/14 Motor 35.50m Azimut Grande Italy 04 April
Jade 959 Motor 51.82m Jade Yachts Taiwan 04 April
AZ80 Motor 25.20m Azimut Italy 04 April
Netto Motor 35.02m Nordlund Boat USA 04 April
AZ95RPH Motor 28.62m Azimut Grande Italy 04 April
Heureka Sail 45.00m Holland Jachtbouw Netherlands 04 April
Isis Motor 29.90m H2X/Port Pin France 04 April
Youngwon Motor 27.24m Horizon Taiwan 04 April
Escapade Sail 37.50m Fitzroy Yachts New Zealand 04 April
YXT One Motor 24.00m Lynx Yachts Netherlands 04 April
D'Natalin IV Motor 49.99m Christensen USA 04 April
24 Del Dieci Motor 29.20m Ferretti Italy 04 April
800 Motor 24.71m Ferretti Italy 04 April
Koonoona Motor 26.20m Nordhavn/PAE China 04 April
Play the Game Motor 28.15m Sunseeker UK 04 April
WindQuest Sail 26.25m JFA France 03 March
Monaco Wolf Motor 49.80m Heesen Yachts Netherlands 03 March
825 Sail 25.15m Oyster Marine UK 03 March
Philmi Motor 43.25m ISA Yachts Italy 03 March
Polaris Motor 48.30m Rossi Navi Italy 03 March
80 Sport Yacht Motor 24.72m Sunseeker UK 03 March
AZ88 Motor 26.52m Azimut Italy 03 March
AZ80 Motor 25.20m Azimut Italy 03 March
Serenity J Motor 55.00m Amels Netherlands 03 March
Carnival Liberty 3 Motor 33.53m Horizon Taiwan 03 March
Sol Motor 37.50m Riva Italy 03 March
CL 124 Motor 37.80m Ferretti Custom Line Italy 03 March
5012 Motor 49.98m Westport USA 03 March
Kibo Motor 81.80m Abeking & Rasmussen Germany 03 March
Z Motor 65.50m Amels Netherlands 03 March
Mo Mo Motor 39.65m Overmarine Italy 03 March
Saramour Motor 61.00m CRN Italy 03 March
Belongers Motor 49.90m CNC France 03 March
Renewal 2 Motor 34.53m Sunseeker UK 02 February
97 Cruiser Motor 29.50m Vicem Turkey 02 February
Adventure Us II Motor 28.65m Kha Shing – Hargrave Taiwan 02 February
Sea Mystery Motor 28.15m Sunseeker UK 02 February
Majesty 105 Motor 32.00m Gulf Craft UAE 02 February
AS88 Motor 26.82m Alshaali Marine UAE 02 February
Moonraker Motor 49.90m Overmarine Italy 02 February
Black Legend Motor 29.80m Sunseeker UK 02 February
Doña Francisca Sail 52.55m Buquebus Uruguay 02 February
AZ80 Motor 25.20m Azimut Italy 02 February
Wisp Sail 47.65m Royal Huisman Netherlands 02 February
Foxsea Sail 24.00m Sunreef Poland 02 February
Galaktika Motor 40.20m Benetti Italy 02 February
Mister Z Motor 28.50m Benetti Italy 02 February
P88 Motor 26.82m Princess UK 02 February
H1 Motor 36.50m Sanlorenzo Italy 02 February
D105 Motor 32.00m Dyna Craft Taiwan 02 February
Blush Motor 47.25m Sunseeker UK 02 February
Squadron 80 Motor 24.37m Fairline UK 01 January
My Sky Motor 51.00m Heesen Yachts Netherlands 01 January
Irresistible Motor 24.38m Kha Shing – Monte Fino Taiwan 01 January
28M Motor 28.15m Sunseeker UK 01 January
Lady Christing Motor 38.80m IAG Yachts China 01 January
AZ84 Motor 25.69m Azimut Italy 01 January
Beer Break II Motor 24.38m Hatteras USA 01 January
Galatea Motor 40.00m Heesen Yachts Netherlands 01 January
Como Motor 46.22m Feadship Netherlands 01 January
Astra Motor 55.00m Amels Netherlands 01 January
Marin Motor 40.00m Sunseeker UK 01 January
Deseo Motor 40.00m Sunseeker UK 01 January
SL104 Motor 31.70m Sanlorenzo Italy 01 January
Grande Orazio Sail 24.72m Southern Wind South Africa 01 January
Omni Sea Motor 34.14m Westport USA 01 January
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