Royal Huisman reveals Andrew Winch-designed DART 80m superyachts

Today at the Monaco Yacht Show, Royal Huisman and Andrew Winch Designs revealed its new design concept – two concepts, in fact – with the new all-aluminium DART 80m range of motor and sailing superyachts.

Of the collaboration between Royal Huisman and Andrew Winch, Alice Huisman says, 'The relationship goes back to 1987 when we delivered a 34m – our biggest boat at time - and what we'll show you today will prbly be our biggest at this time.' Before they unveiled the projects, Huisman added, 'One you will say fits Royal Huisman, what we're known for, and the other will turn heads, say "huh didn't know this is what they wanted to do, too."'

The DART 80 concepts represent a bold step for The Netherlands-based builder as it will not only be the largest motor yacht by Royal Huisman, and it is also unique in the fact that motor yacht and sailing yacht have been designed in unison and share the same ethos. 'We developed these projects with a potential client in mind, and Andrew also convinced us way forward for shipyard as well.'

The two DART superyachts focus on efficient performance and a connection with the sea. 'The DART 80 line is, according to Andrew Winch, 'definitely driven by being in water. The DNA of Royal Huisman is sailing yachts, and to build to 80 metres alone is unique, but they are known for aluminium and experts in it. Because it's lighter, don't need big engines to push the yacht through the water. You could say the DART 80 motor yacht is a sports boat, but it's not designed to be excessively fast, but designed to be efficient on fuel range and to be stable as it sits low – but she also have active stabilizers. Idea is to make a boat you enjoy being on.'

Both DART 80 yachts feature a powerful sheer line and a connection to the ocean via the aft deck, with a swimming pool set aft, directly over the stern. 'We wanted to create a big as pool as could,' says Andrew Winch says. 'A lot of clients want a pool for children. , can be close to water – it's by the sea, and aft is the dock, which is not an enormous beach that has to fold over, it's all built in.' It's designed to mimic the experience of being close to the sea of like that of being aboard a sailboat, and the dining just forward of the pool is also near the water. In order to give the impression of an even larger pool, the design features a swim flow pool, which Winch says, 'flows more like tide rather than a jet. You could swim forever fast or slow; it's deep enough for the crawl or breast stroke.'

Andreas Iseli from Andrew Winch Designs comments on another similarity, in that the motor yacht is designed to have, 'sailboat-style engineering, so the engine room will be below lower deck across that level, using azipulls from Rolls Royce.' This will free up the lower deck to be used completely for accommodations.

As for the sailing yacht, it was shown off with an America's Cup rig, timely for the show-down on San Francisco Bay.

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