Your definitive guide to the biggest and best superyachts in the world. From classic sailing yachts to state-of-the-art motor yachts and everything in between, this is a tribute to the naval architects, interior designers, stylists, builders and craftsmen of these incredible vessels.

Top 200 largest yachts

Azzam yacht Boat International presents the definitive list of the 200 largest privately owned superyachts in the world. These are the toys of billionaires, playthings of the world’s über rich, floating palaces of the powerful. And they just keep on getting bigger...

View the top 200 largest yachts

Top 50 sailing yachts

Sea Cloud yacht The past two decades have seen amazing advances in the design and construction of sailing yachts, as owners becoming ever more demanding in the search for exhilarating speed coupled with good lines and luxurious comfort. Here we present the 50 largest sailing yachts gracing the oceans.

View the top 50 sailing yachts

Top 50 US-built yachts

Cakewalk yacht Whilst the number of yachts built in the US has fallen in recent years, American shipyards continue to produce some of the most innovative and creative vessels afloat.

View the top 50 US-built yachts

Top 20 expedition yachts

Octopus yacht There has been increasing demand in recent years for yachts that can travel off the beaten track. Designed for those with a sense of adventure, the robust construction of these so-called expedition yachts allows them to explore the most wild and remote places on earth, whilst still providing the five-star luxury of more traditional superyachts.

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Top 20 classic yachts

El Horriya yacht Opinions vary about what constitutes a “classic yacht,” but according to the Comité International de la Méditerranée, widely regarded as the authority on this subject, a classic yacht is one that was launched on or before 31 December 1975. We therefore present below the 20 largest yachts launched prior to this date.

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Top 20 fastest yachts

World is not Enough yacht The desire for speed seems to be hardwired into mankind, no more so than when it comes to battling the elements at sea. With money no object, major technological advances over the years have seen record after record tumble, the most coveted being the transatlantic Blue Riband challenge.

View the world's top 20 fastest yachts

Top 20 new projects

Dream Symphony yacht More than 700 yachts of over 30 metres in length are being built in shipyards around the world at the moment, all of them no doubt pushing the envelope in terms of design and technology. We present the 20 largest new projects currently in construction.

View the world's top 20 new projects
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