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196m The World set to conquer 5 continents and 90+ ports

5 November 2021• Written by Laura Nicholls for The World

In 2022, the world’s largest residential yacht will embark on a journey of a lifetime. The World will continuously navigate Planet Earth with an enlightening and educative itinerary that is set to cover five continents and over 90 ports across North America, South America, the South Pacific, Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

The yacht’s residents, who own 165 private homes on board, all had a say in the upcoming itinerary as just one of the many advantages of calling The World home.

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The onboard experience is further enriched by the variety of guest speakers who join the journey in each destination to share insights into the current surroundings and lecture on a variety of topics such as history, culture and business that are designed to bring the journey and destination alive. Depending on the location, the team may include anthropologists, marine biologists, dive and snorkel guides, historians, kayak guides, naturalists, oceanographers, ornithologists, and other local specialists.

All this is now open to non-residents, as The World is offering a limited number of guest stays. Those who qualify can join to explore the following breathtaking destinations during one of three 15-day expeditions:

French Polynesia expedition

Nestled in the depths of French Polynesia are the Tuamotu Islands, where almost 80 picture-perfect islands and atolls are home to glistening waters, gently swaying palms and pure white sands. The Tuamotus remain unspoiled paradises with iconic reefs, lagoons and incredible diving and snorkelling spots where grey reef sharks, delicate angelfish and silently swooping manta rays are just some of the inhabitants.

This expedition will also travel to the Marquesas Islands, a group of younger, volcanic islands that are some of the most remote in the world. Remarkably different to their neighbours, the islands are home to wild goats and horses, black sand beaches and underwater caverns and the complex civilisation on Nuku Hiva.

Pacific Islands expedition

Far off the beaten track, The Austral Islands can be found. Across the seven islands, traces of long-gone settlements sit within the island growth along with today’s self-sufficient local farmers, fishermen and artisans. Along the island coastline, however, there’s a chance that humpback whales can be spotted.

From here, The World will sail on to the legendary Pitcairn Islands which are home to just 50 inhabitants and descendants of the Bounty Mutineers. Pitcairn is not much larger than New York’s Central Park and is inaccessible by plane, yet is as captivating in its natural beauty as is the story the island has to tell.

The expedition concludes in the iconic Rapa Nui (Easter Island), famed for its archaeological sites dating back to the 13th century. The mystical pull of the island is felt by all who visit, especially with the backdrop of towering cliffs, barren open landscapes and far-reaching views across the endless ocean.

Iceland expedition

Hugging the Arctic Circle, Iceland will be met by The World during the days when the midnight summer sun gives the place its wild majesty. By this time of year, the snow has retreated to unveil new life and over 10,000 roaring waterfalls and newly-surfacing geysers. Guests will be able to bathe in the natural hot springs, explore ice caves, witness ancient glaciers and explore the coastline and its wildlife by kayak – all with an expert team of lecturers on hand. Finishing the tour in the capital Reykjavik, this expedition is a tasteful mix of wild living and city culture.

For those who are truly interested in experiencing life on board, limited Guest Stays may be available during The World’s remarkable 2022 itinerary — pending net worth requirements and pre-arrival screening.

To learn more about potential Guest Stays, ownership opportunities, and the unique residential lifestyle of this one-of-a-kind yacht, contact The World’s Residential Advisor by calling +1 954 538 8449 / +44 20 7 572 1231 or clicking here.

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