The Register

The Register is the definitive guide to the largest, fastest and most iconic superyachts in the world. Boat International’s list of Top 200 largest yachts in the world profiles the biggest, most innovative and most notable motor and sailing superyachts on the water today.

Find a breakdown of the 50 largest sailing yachts in the world and the 50 largest luxury yachts built in the US. For yacht owners with a passion for the exploration, there is the top 20 expedition yachts – superyachts that meld luxury yacht amenities with explorer yacht capabilities – and for those with a need for speed, we present the top 20 fastest superyachts plying the oceans.

The Register also honours the trailblazing designers, builders and superyacht owners of the past with a look at the 20 largest classic yachts, while we also look to the future with insight into the top 20 new superyacht projects, which one will find themselves on the list of largest yachts in the world.


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Motor Yacht


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Motor Yacht


Benetti |   107 m |   12 guests |  Price from €1,700,000 p/w
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