5 ways your crew can help support the oceans

23 September 2016

Y.CO knows that the people who operate superyachts can have a large impact when it comes to ocean conservation. After all, crew are the ones who spend their lives on the water and make daily decisions that directly impact a yacht’s conservation credentials. They also make superb ambassadors for ocean conservation.

Through its charity membership club YACHT.CLUB, Y.CO works directly with crew and commercial partners to educate members about ocean conservation, whilst offering a number of expertly curated benefits.

Joining YACHT.CLUB is just one of the ways your superyacht crew can support Y.CO’s shared ocean conservation cause, as the team outlines in the video below:

1: Encourage your crew to be conscious of their environmental impact

One of the biggest ways crew can help is by being aware of how their activities impact the environment. Donna Green, Director of Project Coordination, believes crew can help on a day-to-day basis “by looking at their waste management, their food – where they get it from and how it’s packaged – and by using environmentally friendly, biodegradables in their cleaning systems when they wash down the vessel.”

2: Allow your crew to be proactive with ocean conservation

If everyone on your yacht is concerned about your environmental impact, you can encourage your crew to take proactive action and support them in any activities that help raise awareness.

“This could be anything from launching big clean up operations to taking extra care in the day-to-day running of the vessel, to being environmentally responsible,” said Holly Bottau, Chief Strategy Officer at Y.CO.

3: Empower your crew to be ambassadors

Having an on board champion who can evangelise about ocean conservation will help the rest of the crew make environmentally friendly decisions – and they can be a great person for curious guests to talk to.

Y.CO will help spread the word of the good work. “We work together with the crew to provide a platform to share their experiences and initiatives with other crew on other boats and with our owners,” explained Elaine Vickers, Yacht Management Coordinator.

4: Encourage crew to sign up to YACHT.CLUB

When crew join YACHT.CLUB, they pay €120 that goes directly to Blue Marine Foundation, a charity that is dedicated to creating marine reserves and establishing sustainable models of fishing. But they also get discounts at local businesses and invites to parties and events with other crew.

5: Consider using your yacht and crew to deliver aid

There are a few examples of owners who have allowed their yacht to deliver aid in the aftermath of a disaster.

“Just recently, after the crisis in Vanuatu, Y.CO managed yacht Dragonfly relocated to the local area to provide fresh water and aid to all of those in need,” said Callum Peden, Creative Director at Y.CO.

“They stayed down there for several weeks, helping the locals re-establish fresh water supplies and food. I think it’s a very good example of how a superyacht can act as a very stable platform to help when remote areas are in need of help.”