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Where 100+ superyachts have been for agency support in the mid-Atlantic

30 September 2021• Written by Parisa Hashempour for Atlantys

Head to picturesque Portugal — a country famed for gothic spires, cobbled streets and skyline-cutting cliffs — and you’ll find not just an Iberian destination with a rich history, but a safe haven for superyachts, with a plethora of suitable services to help out any size boat.

Atlantys, a brand of GRUPO ETE dedicated to the superyacht’s agency, is steeped in a heritage that is as impressive as the surrounding locale. The firm runs with the tagline of providing “a remarkable experience in the mid-Atlantic” and serves mainland Portugal, Azores, as well as Madeira and Cape Verde.

Thus far, more than 100 superyachts – including the 68.5-metre Lürssen superyacht Hermitage – have been tended to by Atlantys across their three destinations in just the last two years — an impressive feat and fair testimony to their growing popularity amongst a new generation of yacht owners. Here, we get to know how the firm has become such a hit:

Full range of services

Offering bespoke support services to superyachts and crew, as well as guests and owners, Atlantys works overtime to ensure the unique requirements of superyachts located in and passing through the mid-Atlantic are met quickly and with discretion.

Highly skilled teams with years’ worth of industry know-how are on-hand to assist superyachts and make the yachting experience easier and stress-free, delivering a transparent and premium support service for superyachts.

From berth reservations to Customs and Immigration formalities or assistance regarding visa requests, Atlantys provides around the clock support for superyachts to ensure a smooth and quick transition in and out of all ports.

Further more, Atlantys is always ready to assist superyachts with anchorage reservations, customs clearance formalities, yacht fuel bunkering, oils, fresh water and provisioning, marine chandlery services, concierge services, medical assistance, as well as rubbish disposal and waste management. All of the hand-picked products and services utilised by Atlantys are from the area's finest providers. 

Convenient locations

As the Algarve coast is a unique and amazing all-year sailing spot, Atlantys suggests travellers stopping off at lively Lisbon or ancient Oporto, the Portuguese city in which port wine is grown calls on them for berthing assistance. Likewise, their spot at the Azores islands is ideally positioned for refuelling, repairs and provisioning, as well as crew changes.

Madeira, the autonomous Portuguese archipelago, also famous for its wine, is another region in which Atlantys works 24/7 to assist superyachts. Another geographically strategic position, it’s a helpful stoppage port for rest, as well as being a well-known yachting destination.

Desertas and Selvagens, naturally protected sanctuaries nearby Maderia, are perfect for exploratory visits and are just one part of the reason why Madeira remains a mainstay for adventurous Atlantic voyagers.

Finally, the archipelago of Cape Verde, which was a Portuguese colony for over 300 years, is the third destination at which Atlantys serves superyachts, a it’s the ideal halfway stop between the Mediterranean and Caribbean, and a must-see spot off the African coast.

To learn more about where Atlantys can help service your superyacht, and how to make the most of the GRUPO ETE’s 85 years of experience, which Atlantys is part of, visit: https://atlantys.eu/our-offer

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