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Amels 80 digital world debut aired live on BOAT International

31 March 2022 • Written by Laura Nicholls for Damen Yachting

Damen Yachting is invested in constantly evolving its products, and for many years has offered Limited Editions superyachts in various sizes and designs. As seen in a special digital world premiere aired on BOAT International on 31 March, this range has increased with the largest Limited Editions yacht to date, the Amels 80. 

Design inspired by nature

In keeping with the Limited Editions legacy, the Amels 80 is a proven technical platform with a customisable interior. The exterior design and naval architecture are thanks to the yard’s long-term partner Espen Øino. For interior design ideas, Damen Yachting turned to Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design for their first collaboration.

For its omnipresent and ever-lasting qualities, nature was the key source of inspiration for the design. The team were looking for the most beautiful, elegant and sophisticated natural elements of planet earth – ones that continue to evolve and withstand the elements. The textures and shapes of the continuously-evolving elements of nature are what guided the concept of the Amels 80 to reflect the growth of the Damen Yachting brand.

“With the Amels 80, nature’s timeless beauty meets the hard-earned Amels reputation for quality. A design that will not age. A shift in how we interact and grow with nature as our eternally evolving ocean becomes an endless source of inspiration,” says Espen Øino, designer and naval architect.

For the modern interior, Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design can share ideas to help an owner customise the design. By doing so, the yacht will be perfectly tailored to the way an owner and their family, friends and future generations enjoy the yachting experience, while staying as close to nature as possible and making lifelong memories. “The Amels 80 marks the first collaboration between Sinot and Amels. A project which provided us with the opportunity to develop something truly unique. You will feel at home from the moment you step on board,” says Sander J. Sinot, interior designer.

Built by and for generations

Not only has Damen Yachting delivered more than 40 Amels Limited Editions yachts since 2005, but the yard has over a century of shipbuilding knowledge. This expertise is what has been poured into the creation of the Amels 80. She is a yacht built with sustainable materials and some of the most innovative hybrid technology available today. “Every new yacht challenges us to push the limits of our absolute mastery. Decades of Amels pedigree, experience and knowhow have fed the creation of the Amels 80,” says Adriaan Roose, product manager at Amels.

Now, it is time to see what’s next in line for the Limited Editions range. “We are very excited to be sharing such a special moment in the history of our Amels Limited Editions legacy. March 31, 2022, is set to be an unforgettable date in the history of Amels and our Limited Editions,” says Damen Yachting's managing director, Rose Damen.

Discover more about the brand new classic Amels 80 on Damen Yachting's website here. 

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