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The indispensable new tool for brokers featuring the world's largest charter fleet database

20 November 2023 • Written by Holly Margerrison for Ankor Software

"It used to take four hours for a broker to put together a yacht presentation," explains Ankor Sofware co-founder Elliot Cousins. "Now, in just minutes, a broker using Trips can combine a collection of the 7,000+ charter yachts with more than 5,000 unique locations, all with bespoke descriptions and photos."

Addressing brokers' longstanding challenge of producing high-quality presentations at speed, the software and service solutions specialist has just enhanced its presentation builder, Trips, launched earlier this year. The industry-leading platform now features a 'Yachts' function which is powered by a comprehensive charter yacht database of 7,132 yachts and growing – making it the largest in the world.

The addition of the 'Yachts' function means brokers can now seamlessly incorporate yacht selections into customisable charter presentations, revolutionising the way yacht options are delivered to clients.

Within just a few clicks, brokers can now drag and drop up-to-date yacht information into their presentations, along with a suite of images, videos, descriptions and interactive maps. The yacht presentation builder doesn't stop at just yacht brochures and charter proposals either – it also allows for the creation of full itineraries for both land and water.

Ankor Software co-founders Mike Sager and Elliot Cousins
Credit: Ankor Software

With the ability to customise the presentation's colours, fonts and logos, it's easy for brokers to align these design details with their brokerage identity. Better still, brokers can create beautiful presentations for clients without having to reinvent the wheel each time. As Cousins suggests, "Trips with ‘Yachts’ gives brokers a competitive edge in a fast-paced industry”.

Shalom Weiss from Blue Oceans Yachting explains: "It's specifically what was missing from the yachting industry. It's something that fills a gap, and it makes it enjoyable for clients to review the information because it can put more things together in one simple link as opposed to a PDF or links in an email."

The result of an integrated yachts solution into an online graphic design tool? Proposals that impress and convert, even with the most discerning clients. BOAT unpacks how the in-platform database is simplifying the process for brokers and creating beautiful presentations at lightning speed...

Tap into the world's largest charter database

'Yachts' enables exclusive access to Ankor’s purpose-built yacht database, which is eight per cent larger than any competitor on the market. Charter professionals can now add any yacht to their presentation within seconds to create a great-looking interactive presentation backed by industry-leading yacht data. Another advantage of the consolidated platform is the ability to pull pricing data through a built-in calculator to share with potential charterers – empowering both parties. In terms of privacy, users can have peace of mind knowing Trips requires no customer details.

Trips has multiple applications and can be used for marketing purposes, yacht brochures and designs can even be integrated into websites. When brokers are tight on time, Ankor offers Design Studio, a service where its team of design specialists create yacht presentations in collaboration with the user.

Joey Dunleavy, The Yacht Life states: "I have just been so blown away by the Ankor team and the level of what they are delivering."

Industry sensation YachtNoter, a tool which enhances note-taking during a broker's yacht inspection
Credit: Ankor Software

Charter presentations which are dynamic and simple to create

Trips' compelling, easy-to-use package will enable brokers to have an instant competitive edge over their competitors. Cousins says: “There’s never been an integrated solution to add yacht selections to a presentation. Brokerages had to rely on time-consuming, messy workarounds that didn’t provide a great experience, like the cumbersome task of individually linking to each charter selection".

Now more user-friendly than ever, it's as simple as dragging in a yacht, an itinerary (or even a few) into Trips, before checking the preview, copying the link and sending it to the client. It's also effortless to build a signature style by tailoring colours, fonts and branding to brokerage identities. And, rest assured, Ankor ensures not to disclose your expertise or designs to any other brokers. 

Ankor also understands a broker may not have extensive graphic knowledge, so it makes it easy to play around with the layout – allowing you to add in new sections, a punchy heading, body text and customisable imagery. When you nail a clear proposal style? Trips saves you time by allowing you to duplicate and customise an existing itinerary for new prospective clients. 

For an efficient yacht presentation builder that boasts style and finesse, Trips has all the answers. Speaking of the tool's update, Ankor co-founder Mike Sager concludes: “Functionally, ‘Yachts’ allows brokers to add a customisable overview section of each yacht to their presentation, showcasing the yacht’s name, photos, build year, size, speed, decks and more. No other competitor comes close to providing these functions.”

Ankor Software is now offering demonstrations through its website, which you can book here.

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