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WiderCat 92
Credit: Argo Yachting

How Argo Yachting is catering to the adventure generation of owners with Wider Yachts

14 August 2023 • Written by Hannah Rankine for Argo Yachting

As the yachting industry sails into a more eco-conscious era, a new wave of visionary owners are entering the market. Embracing both opulence and environmental responsibility, this emerging generation seeks yachts with innovative technology that minimises their carbon footprint whilst maximising their enjoyment.

Argo Yachting is at the forefront of this change, proudly serving as the official dealer of Wider Yachts—superyachts and catamarans with award-winning design and ultra-efficient hybrid propulsion systems. BOAT International explores how this dynamic duo is steering yachting into a greener, more practical future.

WiderCat 92
Credit: Argo Yachting

A new generation of owners

In recent years, a new generation of yacht owners have entered the market, bringing with them a fresh perspective and a strong commitment to environmental responsibility. This emerging group of younger owners seeks yachts that embody both luxury and sustainability. Wider's commitment to innovation and revolutionary hybrid technology resonates with this demographic, making it an ideal choice for those who wish to enjoy limitless yachting in a more sustainable manner. 

“Undoubtedly, Wider’s unique appeal is a marriage of sustainability and luxury without compromise,” explains Alan Knight, sales manager at Argo Yachting. "The WiderCat 92 offers multiple power sources combined with hybrid technology, feeding market-leading power storage solutions transmitted through its all-electric drivetrain. Practical benefits include the luxury of electric-only, vibration-free, silent running, and enjoyment of the yacht’s hotel services in silence enables the most peaceful connection to the world around you.”

Main saloon on board WiderCat 92
Credit: Argo Yachting

WiderCat 92: A glimpse of the future

At the heart of Wider's vision lies the remarkable WiderCat 92, the brand’s 28.4-metre catamaran. The yacht boasts a cutting-edge "serial hybrid" propulsion system. The powerful lithium polymer battery pack is designed to efficiently store and supply electricity. The yacht is primarily driven by electric motors, ensuring zero emissions, and the lack of internal combustion engines result in zero vibrations and virtually silent operation, ensuring a tranquil cruising experience. 

Additionally, the WiderCat 92 harnesses solar energy through a comprehensive solar panel system discreetly integrated into the yacht's design. The innovative hybrid technology also includes variable-speed generators that recharge the batteries when needed, ensuring prolonged cruising ranges and optimum efficiency. What’s more, the lack of a traditional drivetrain provides more interior volume for guests to enjoy.

“The team at Wider come from a huge background of experienced superyacht builders and have been working with this technology for many years now,” Knight continues. "They are very advanced in terms of the storage and management of power, which offers increased range and efficiency. This is a proven technology that has been developed over several successful superyacht launches during the last decade."

WiderCat 92: Specifications*

Hull no. 1 launching late 2023

Battery Bank: 360kW available
Type of propulsion: eShaft with twin screw props
Propulsion motors: 2 x 420kW permanent magnet motor
GenSet: 2 x 300kW variable speed Nanni deisel
Maximum speed: 15 knots
Cruising speed: 13 knots (Range: Approx. 1,000 nautical miles)
Ecological speed: 8 knots (Range: Approx. 3,000 nautical miles)
Battery capacity at anchor: Approx. 12 hours (silent)

*Subject to final confirmation

Master cabin on board WiderCat 92
Credit: Argo Yachting

Argo Yachting: Unlocking new horizons

As the official dealer of Wider Yachts, Argo Yachting plays a pivotal role in introducing this visionary brand to the UK, Irish and German markets. Argo's strong presence in these markets opens up a world of possibilities for owners, from exploring off-the-beaten-track locations in the Nordic Region, going transatlantic to the US and Caribbean, and of course, cruising the azure waters of the Mediterranean.

Also on the market with Argo Yachting is Wider’s Superyacht Class, of which there is the 41.5-metre Wider 135, the 47-metre Wider 150 and the 49.5-metre Wider 165, for those looking for a more traditional-looking monohull with hybrid technology. Just announced is also the 18.9-metre WiLder 60 chase boat.

For more information on the WiderCat 92, the Superyacht Class or the WiLder 60, contact the team at Argo Yachting today.

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