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Why this boat builder has been named the “Land Rover of the seas”

23 April 2024 • Written by Hannah Rankine for Arksen

With its Explorer, Adventure and Discovery yacht series, you need only guess what boat builder Arksen is all about. Since its inception in 2019 with the Explorer series, Arksen has burgeoned into the ultimate explorer brand, catering to the needs of thrill-seekers with its broad range of adventure boats designed to withstand the most challenging sea conditions. Over five years, Arksen's offerings have expanded beyond boats to encompass a comprehensive suite of adventure gear, including its performancewear apparel, Arksen Labs, and an impressive fleet of overland vehicles. However, it is Arksen's renowned rugged boat series that have earned it the title of the “Land Rover of the seas”. These vessels, crafted to endure all weather conditions, empower owners to venture into the remotest and most untouched corners of the globe. BOAT delves into the capabilities of Arksen's explorer vessels catering to today's adventure-loving yacht owners.

Long-range ocean exploration

Credit: Arksen

The so-called ‘pocket explorer’ has surged in popularity in recent years, and Arksen’s Explorer range was created to satisfy all the requirements of a rugged, long-range vessel from 20 metres LOA. Offering the 20.5-metre Arksen 65, the 23.9-metre Arksen 75 and the 27.3-metre Arksen 85 in the Explorer series, these vessels have an impressive range of up to 7,000 nautical miles. What sets this series apart is its efficient, environment-conscious features, including solar arrays for zero-carbon electrical power, and hybrid propulsion for lower emissions and silent running. Moreover, the series' flexible interiors can be conveniently reconfigured for leisure, research or commercial endeavours, ensuring that comfort and functionality are never compromised. Embracing the latest technologies and ownership models, Arksen opens more opportunity for exploration in the yachting industry. Through its co-ownership programme, the brand fosters a community-first approach, offering adventurers the chance to own up to 50 per cent of flagship projects such as Project Ocean – a 27.3-metre Arksen 85 model scheduled to launch in summer 2024.

Adventurous expeditions

Credit: Arksen

The Adventure series is designed to cater to the needs of thrill-seekers. With the 8.6-metre Arksen 28, the 9.5-metre Arksen 30 and the 13.5-metre Arksen 45 completing the series, versatility is the hallmark of this range, offering a blend of rugged seakeeping prowess with elegance that is typically associated with larger superyachts. From serving as a day boat for leisurely cruises to becoming a weekend explorer for more extended adventures, or even doubling as a chase boat or tender, the Adventure series is designed for seasoned adventurers or first-time fanatics. One of the standout features is its flexible storage solutions, allowing you to bring along all the essential gear for a range of sports and activities. Roof racks are standard across the range but it also boasts a unique interchangeable track system, enabling easy transition between various functions, from leisure and relaxation to diving, watersports or even transporting research equipment.

Deeper ocean discovery

Credit: Arksen

Designed to foster an immersive experience with the natural environment, the all-new Arksen Discovery series introduces a lineup of open, adventure RIBs ranging from six to 12 metres – perfect for family adventures uncovering hidden coves and untouched beaches. Leading the charge is the much-anticipated eight-metre flagship Arksen 8, which is set to launch soon. With an extended range and increased power, as well as spacious onboard areas, the vessel can accommodate two families and their supplies for days of exploration. Showcasing cutting-edge hydrodynamic design principles, including the deep V hull design, the Arksen 8 both performance and stability.

Arksen for ocean conservation

Credit: Arksen

Beyond the thrill of exploration, becoming an Arksen owner opens doors to a deeper engagement with ocean conservation efforts. As a founding partner of 10% For The Ocean (10FTO), Arksen is at the forefront of a philanthropic movement aimed at significantly increasing global ocean conservation funding from 1 per cent to 10 per cent. Through 10FTO, Arksen invites owners to join a worldwide community united by a shared commitment to improving ocean health. Collaborating with a diverse network of funders, 10FTO identifies and supports high-impact initiatives capable of catalysing large-scale changes for the future of our oceans. Arksen owners are encouraged to take part in this transformative journey through the Sea Time Pledge or Yachts For Science initiatives. One of the biggest issues scientists face in ocean conservation is access to the ocean. By pledging a portion of their vessel's sea time to ocean exploration and marine ecosystem research, owners provide scientists, explorers, filmmakers, journalists and photographers with access to a fleet of vessels.

To find out more about Arksen’s explorer yachts, or to become a part of Arksen’s ocean-saving community, contact the team today.

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