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Arksen: More Ways to Make a Difference

6 January 2020

The Arksen Series are luxury yachts, but not as you know them. Arksen is a company that makes the impossible seem possible, by equipping marine adventurers with the vessels they need to go further with minimal impact. A brand that pioneers innovation based on the history of some of our greatest Arctic and ocean explorers, Arksen also aims to support ocean-related causes tackling real, current problems affecting the world’s largest ecosystem. Vessels with heart, if you will.

The Paradigm Shift

Arksen is taking what is commonly a luxury form of travel and using it for the greater good. Utilising those committed to mindful exploration, Arksen endeavours to work with those dedicated to behavioural and environmental change, creating the world’s largest purpose built private marine research fleet. Through its new syndication model, Arksen grants more people access to the ocean onboard exceptional yachts capable of venturing further with less impact on the environment.

Combined with their philanthropic non-profit, The Arksen Foundation, Arksen is focusing on research conservation and creativity in support of preserving our ecosystems and sustainable development. Through the foundation and its 10% for the Ocean campaign, Arksen can provide the crucial funding required to help scientific research, education, exploration or sport with purpose, Arksen vessel owners pledge 10% of their sea time to Arksen Foundation initiatives. The 10% for the Ocean campaign is focused on accelerating philanthropic giving for the oceans from its current 1% up to 10%.

The Arksen vessels themselves lead by example. Hybrid systems with efficient hulls and solar capacity, they require minimal crew and are adapted to suit leisure, research and commercial purposes. At the same time, the Arksen 85 offers exceptional range, capable of over 6000 miles of cruising on a single tank of fuel and a fast average cruising speeds of 11 to 12 knots.

If you are looking for a new kind of adventure, to really experience some of the wilder places the world has to offer, you can do so with the new Arksen Explorers Rally, launching this January. The Arksen yachts are vessels of intent and aspire to be as harmless as they possibly can be with no compromise on performance or appearance.

For further information on Arksen visit or see them at boot Düsseldorf on stand 7aB24.