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Ballast water management for superyachts made easy

25 January 2022 • Written by Laura Nicholls for Alfa Laval

When the ballast water management convention was adopted in the early-2000s, the systems weren't initially developed with the special demands of the superyacht industry in mind. Fast forward to today, and there are systems on the market that look good, work well and can fit onto any superyacht. One of these solution systems comes from the leading Swedish producer, Alfa Laval.

The PureBallast 3 Yacht Edition system is a result of Alfa Laval's 100+ years in the business serving almost every vessel type imaginable. The Yacht Edition was created as a simple and compact module with a pristine white finish that can slip easily into any engine room layout. “Even superyachts must comply with ballast water treatment regulations, but the last thing an owner wants is to worry about them,” says Tobias Döscher, Head of Global Sales, Business Development & Marketing. “So our ‘plug and play’ design for the Yacht Edition allows it to blend in well with the engine room,” he adds. “But, what really stands out about PureBallast 3 is its ease of use and environmentally-friendly operation.”

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Thanks to the system’s chemical-free and full automation set-up, utilisation of UV technology and minimal maintenance, yacht crews will find PureBallast 3 safe and simple to handle. To make sure crews use the system safely and correctly, Alfa Laval offers every superyacht client PureBallast 3 training either on board, online or at one of the firm’s many training centres worldwide. Plus, in the rare case of needing assistance, these superyachts can benefit from Alfa Laval’s 24/7 worldwide service support both online and on board. “PureBallast 3 Yacht Edition is the right fit for crews and their busy routines. Every system is built with long-lasting marine-grade materials and UV technology that demands little operation or maintenance, with no need for chemicals,” comments Döscher. “This peace of mind is priceless,” he adds.

Owners and their crews can also feel confident that they carry a system compliant with many cruising grounds and, along the way, will positively contribute towards the yacht’s impact on the environment. Alfa Laval has specifically made the system free from any “hidden” equipment that may add to the system’s footprint, with no risk of corrosion and low operating costs. “The PureBallast 3 is compliant in the widest range of waters,” Döscher explains. “It is also type approved by the IMO and the U.S. Coast Guard and excels at any water salinity and in any water temperature.

All of this can be planned in an efficient and cost-effective way. Regardless of whether the yacht is a new build or undergoing a retrofit, Alfa Laval has the means to meet a client’s high requirements and if needed, can offer skills from its own network of industry experts. An installation can even be made during a voyage. “Owning a superyacht is all about freedom, and this is why we have developed the PureBallast 3 Yacht Edition specifically for this customer group,” he adds.

In addition to the ballast water sector, Alfa Laval has been serving vessels with various system solutions since 1883. To find out more about purchasing the Alfa Laval PureBallast 3 Yacht Edition, contact the firm directly here.

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