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Why now is the time to sell your aircraft

9 November 2021• Written by Laura Nicholls for Jetcraft

With the last decade of Jetcraft’s business resulting in over 700 transactions worth $13 billion, the firm has secured itself as the global leader in business aircraft sales, acquisitions and trades. The business aviation industry is currently seeing remarkable growth, and Dan Kilkeary, Jetcraft’s senior vice-president of sales for the Americas, is offering expert advice on why the post-pandemic world is a good time for aircraft owners to consider selling or upgrading.

The business aviation industry is booming, and so Jetcraft continues to seek additional inventory to keep up with the number of ready-to-go buyers across the globe. The US is witnessing rapid recovery in flight hour activity, with business jet movements increasing by 15 per cent year-on-year*. The recently-lifted travel restrictions are predicted to result in rising flight hours and ownership inquiries, particularly from first-time buyers. This is also true for Europe, where travel is on the rise and new business aviation users are emerging, whereas in the Asia Pacific, the market for pre-owned private jets is increasingly active.

*According to recent data published by WingX

The market is demanding mid-size and large, long-range jets due to the rise in UHWI buyers that have business needs in intercontinental destinations. Mid-size jets are also highly sought after as buyers look to upgrade from smaller aircraft to take advantage of increased speed, and the ability to operate out of smaller airports that offer a non-stop service.

Prices of aircraft are holding well across new and pre-owned markets and, with interest rates currently remaining low, lines of credit are still readily available for cash deployment. Plus, for those in the US, the 100% bonus depreciation benefit is set to continue until January 1, 2023.

There are fewer new-builds available due to Covid-19. This along with the current heightened value proposition of business aviation and the tightened supply in the industry has created a great window of opportunity for buyers to sell or trade in their assets and receive a great return.

Buyers and sellers have options and can get support. From flexible purchasing plans to financing and trading, Jetcraft clients have the choice of the best range of expert services to help with aircraft ownership. The firm also has a strong network of buyers and unique global marketing intelligence after nearly 60 years in the industry.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Jetcraft and the first-class services on offer, please contact a Jetcraft sales representative here.

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