Lazzara LSX 67 Limited Edition

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Lazzara LSX 67 Limited Edition
Credit: Lazzara Yachts

Five things to consider when buying your next yacht

27 July 2023 • Written by Hannah Rankine for Lazzara Yachts

Quality over quantity is an ethos that resonates deeply within the hulls of Lazzara Yachts, a brand of Euro Marine Group. With a dedication to crafting semi-custom yachts, the American brand embodies an unwavering pursuit of excellence. As buyers embark on the journey of purchasing their next yacht, it is imperative to consider the methodologies employed by Lazzara. By doing so, owners can ensure not only their own safety and comfort but also the lasting value and pleasure derived from owning a truly exceptional vessel.

After speaking to Lazzara’s management team, BOAT International delves into five crucial aspects that distinguish the yard’s approach to yacht building, setting them apart from conventional builders and ensuring a yacht that withstands the test of time.

Lazzara LSX 67 Limited Edition
Credit: Lazzara Yachts

1. Use strong and durable materials that last a lifetime

While many shipyards opt for cost-cutting measures by incorporating balsa or plywood into the hull and superstructure construction, Lazzara builds its yachts fully in epoxy with the same kind of core used on private and commercial airplanes.

“Eschewing the use of wood eliminates the risk of long-term degradation and ensures the hull's integrity for a lifetime,” says George Chirakadze, CEO of Lazzara Yachts. “The use of high-quality epoxy and e-glass eliminates the chance of issues such as osmosis, a common concern with traditional construction materials. Epoxy boasts exceptional mechanical properties and is renowned for its superior resistance to osmosis and long-term structural stability.”

Built entirely in epoxy and reinforced with e-glass, which is typically reserved for very large composite yachts, the 30.5-metre Lazzara UHV 100 serves as a testament to the company's dedication to longevity and quality. Currently in construction and for sale, the UHV 100 is the largest yacht on the market in size by gross tonnage and is a remarkable choice for those seeking a vessel with ultra-high volume but who don't necessarily want a larger yacht.

Lazzara UHV 100
Credit: Lazzara Yachts

2. Avoid your worst nightmares with redundant onboard systems

A cornerstone of Lazzara’s building philosophy is the integration of fully redundant systems. Redundancy refers to the inclusion of backup systems to ensure uninterrupted service on board.

“Imagine this scenario. You've hired two extra crew, provisioned the boat, made reservations in your chosen marinas and got everything ready for a 10-day cruise,” says David Galante, vice president of Lazzara Yachts. “Two days into the adventure, the freshwater pump fails and there are no functioning toilets or running water. This is a very realistic scenario that cuts a vacation short if the boat's infrastructure is not planned properly. That is why we need redundancies – if something requires maintenance, there is a backup to ensure your holiday is not interrupted.”

All Lazzara's yachts exemplify this commitment to redundancy in several key systems, such as the air-conditioning pumps, navigation instruments, power supply systems and the overall infrastructure.

“Having redundant systems throughout the yacht allows components to be serviced without the interruption of service on board. It’s designed to give owners complete peace of mind,” adds Deniz Diduk, director of marketing and business development at Lazzara Yachts.

Redundant systems on board Lazzara UHV 87
Credit: Lazzara Yachts

3. Don’t forget about the infrastructure

While the allure of exquisite interiors and striking designs often captivates yacht buyers, the importance of infrastructure can sometimes be overlooked. However, paying attention to the way a yacht's infrastructure is built is paramount in ensuring its longevity and overall quality. At Lazzara, the construction of the infrastructure is approached with meticulous care and precision, setting it apart from conventional builders.

Guaranteeing accurate engineering, Lazzara takes pride in its comprehensive 3D design and planning process. By employing this advanced technology, every aspect of the yacht's plumbing, electricity and hydraulics is carefully mapped out to ensure optimal functionality and durability.

“Lazzara uses top-of-the-range materials for their infrastructure,” Chirakadze explains. “Remarkably, the high-quality infrastructure typically found on superyachts measuring above 50 metres is integrated into Lazzara yachts starting at 25 metres. Not only does this provide owners with the peace of mind that their yacht's infrastructure is built to the highest standards but investing in quality materials guarantees a level of reliability that eliminates the need for frequent repairs.”

Credit: Lazzara Yachts

4. Ditch through hulls and opt for sea chests

Unlike traditional through hulls that dot the side of the hull, Lazzara’s innovative engineering eliminates the need for through hulls altogether, offering a truly unique solution in the market. Sea chests facilitate maintenance while the yacht remains in the water. With the top of each sea chest positioned above the waterline, they can be fully accessed and serviced from inside the engine room. This ingenious design feature allows for streamlined servicing procedures without the need for dry-docking or hauling the yacht out of the water, providing convenience and saving time for crew and owners.

Lazzara takes pride in its ability to manufacture structural, integrated composite sea chests and discharge boxes. Not only does this eliminate the risk of corrosion commonly associated with traditional metal components, but it ensures easy cleaning, reduced maintenance efforts and enhanced safety, all contributing to long-term durability and reliability.

No through hulls on board Lazzara UHV 87
Credit: Lazzara Yachts

5. Use hard piping over flexible hoses

While many yacht builders opt for flexible hoses, which typically have a lifespan of just five to 10 years, Lazzara takes a resolute stance in favour of high-end hard piping exclusively for all freshwater, grey and black water, hydraulics and air-conditioning systems. This guarantees durability that lasts for the entire lifespan of the yacht. By steering clear of flexible hoses, Lazzara eliminates concerns related to leaks and unpleasant odours that can arise over time. This approach not only enhances the overall performance of the systems but also minimises the need for ongoing maintenance.

Every Lazzara UHV yacht is meticulously designed with hard piping to avoid these kinds of issues. The result is a yacht where every detail contributes to a seamless ownership experience and long-term satisfaction.

Hard piping
Credit: Lazzara Yachts

Premium superyacht interior facilities

Beyond its technical and engineering prowess, Lazzara boats impressive in-house superyacht interior facilities. Lazzara meticulously crafts each element of the yacht's interior, creating breathtaking spaces for owners and guests. A key highlight of its process is the mock-up facilities, where a real interior is built at full scale, right down to the millimetre, allowing clients to experience the luxurious ambience before it is incorporated into the yacht. This diligent approach ensures that every detail aligns perfectly with the owner's vision.

“One remarkable example of this can be seen in the Lazzara LSX 67 Limited Edition,” Diduk says. “At the heart of the LSX 67's allure is its full-beam master suite, which offers direct access to an aft deck entertainment area and beach club. This unique arrangement, combined with a sliding glass door, allows for uninterrupted views of the surrounding scenery, making it a truly exceptional space to unwind. The LSX 67's beach club space is further enhanced by fold-down balconies – the largest in its class – creating expansive terraces at the water's edge. Having been described as a "suite at the Ritz”, every element of the LSX 67’s interior exudes a quality of craftsmanship that is second to none, from the high-gloss woodwork to the hand-stitched leather and recessed lighting.”

Master cabin on board Lazzara LSX 67
Credit: Lazzara Yachts

Quality over quantity

Acquired and elevated by the esteemed Euro Marine Group, the Lazzara brand carries with it a legacy of 65 years as pioneers in fibreglass yacht construction. Unlike most production boats that adhere to stringent schedules, where hulls move swiftly from station to station, Lazzara’s team of skilled craftsmen takes a refreshingly different approach by investing the necessary time and care to ensure each detail is flawlessly executed. This unique methodology ensures that no compromise is made when it comes to the quality and precision involved in every step of the process. By choosing a Lazzara, owners not only embark on an extraordinary yachting experience but also secure a lasting investment and significant resale value.

To find out more about how Lazzara Yachts can help you invest in the perfect quality superyacht, contact the team today.

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