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Cambria: Discover the Best Kept Secret in Yachting Interiors

When it comes to outfitting your yacht, only the highest quality will do. From carpets and countertops, to cushions and silverware, every detail counts. If you’re looking for something that’s extra special, unique stone features can be a simple way to create elegant, standout interiors on board.

With over 160 designs, Cambria offers a beautifully curated collection of quartz stone that will last a lifetime. An example of fine American craftsmanship, Cambria is a natural quartz surface that embodies beauty, performance and sustainability. It’s more durable than marble and easy to maintain, making it perfect for life on board. Cambria can be used to create beautiful stone bathrooms, flooring, bars, or for a bit of added drama, some designs can be backlit to create an intriguing accent or exquisite feature wall.

Cambria stone can be used to create beautiful bathrooms, bars and countertops

What is Cambria?

Strength & Durability

Cambria is much harder than granite or marble making it more durable. That means Cambria is less likely to scratch, chip, or stain for years of worry-free service.

Maintenance Free

Other natural stone surfaces require regular sealing and polishing. With Cambria, all you need to do is wipe it down with a little warm water and mild soap. It's nonporous and nonabsorbent too, so it won't harbour harmful bacteria.

Image courtesy of Nickolas Sargent

White tones can be used to create a bright, Hamptons beach house-style interior; medium tones are more traditional but offer greater detailing, while rich dark tones create a cozy but sophisticated space. Cambria natural quartz surfaces also comes in two different finishes: matte for a silky smooth, low sheen, or a brilliant high gloss finish that will bounce light around the room.

Not only is the product natural but it’s sustainable too. With a global shift towards eco-friendly solutions, designers are looking for new ways to incorporate sustainable materials into yachting. Cambria’s own quartz mine runs on hydroelectric power and also recycles 100% of the water used in polishing, which saves approximately 1.6 billion gallons of water a year.

Berywn countertops and Brittanicca flooring by Cambria. Image courtesy of Ocean Alexander.

Being a beautiful product is a given, but it’s the unmatched durability, fuss-free care and sustainable credentials that make Cambria unique. Perfect for owners who expect nothing less than perfect.

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