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The 54.6m C was delivered by Baglietto in 2021 and is currently asking €42,000,000 with C&N

What’s happening at Camper & Nicholsons in North America?

31 March 2023 • Written by Laura Nicholls for Camper & Nicholsons

North America plays host to some of the largest yacht shows in the world and is one of the most – if not the most – influential markets in the business. Almost every player in the industry has a toe dipped in American waters, including one of its leading forces, international brokerage house Camper & Nicholsons.

The firm’s position in the US has recently been enhanced with investment in new management personnel. Pascal Savoy takes the helm at Camper & Nicholsons Fort Lauderdale office as the company’s new US managing director. He will oversee all operations between the Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and Palm Beach offices.

Asking $13,950,000 the 43.6m yacht HoM was built by Benetti in 2011

It is no secret that an influx of wealth in America has caused a spike for the brokerage segment and as a result, there’s now a lack of inventory on the secondhand market. Available vessels, meanwhile, are demanding extremely high asking prices. Navigating such a strong market, along with many other market trends,comes with both challenges and opportunities. As he embarks on his new role, Savoy shares his strategy and aspirations for the future of Camper & Nicholsons with BOAT.

Pascal, congratulations on your new position. Before you joined Camper & Nicholsons on February 20, 2023, what kept you busy?

I’ve always been working for the luxury sector, expressly in the US first and foremost. However, when I founded SAVOY Watches we were based in my home country, Switzerland, but went to market in 20 countries across the globe. My 20-plus years of experience in the world of luxury goods seems to have naturally brought me to the yachting industry – so I am already bringing my strong entrepreneurial spirit and shrewd financial acumen to Camper & Nicholsons. In all of my work, I’ve grasped many strategic moves to grow market share.

The 42m Fabulous Character is asking US$18,995,000 with C&N broker Andrew LeBuhn

Do you enjoy yachting in your spare time?

Growing up in Switzerland meant there were limited opportunities to be on the water, but my friends and I always found a way. Our summers were often spent sailing across Lake Geneva and participating in regattas. When I moved to Sydney, Australia, I continued sailing. It was only when I relocated to Fort Lauderdale 22 years ago that I was exposed to yachting.

What is Camper & Nicholsons' current overview of the US market?

We have signs that the markets are starting to return to normal following the buying frenzy over the last two years. Plus, the US market is seeing increasingly younger clients entering into superyacht ownership, largely thanks to the success of the tech industry in the country. This market is impacted by open-minded individuals that seek fresh ideas, and it is true that the United States tends to have a unique set of market forces separate from the rest of the world. I am always fascinated by how resilient and reactive the US economy is, but knowing this means that Camper & Nicholsons can always be one step ahead in order to serve every kind of client well.

Offered for sale for the first time, the 38m EMOCEAN is listed with Camper & Nicholsons for €17,950,000

Can you share details on the Camper & Nicholsons strategy for the US?

Our strength is definitely our dedicated staff and our ability to be a one-stop shop company. Thanks to the success and respect we have gained for this, a big part of our strategy is to continue leveraging on our versatility and how we can cater to every need. Our clients are able to get everything from yacht services to insurance through our incredible array of services, and it is our duty and strategy to communicate these amazing features to the market.

Another focus is, while we are one of the oldest names in the industry, we are very tech-driven – particularly with our proprietary software for yacht management. Also, the intel we are able to gather on the current market trends is incredible. We can clearly see how the US market fluctuates, what buyers like and don’t, where the wealth is moving to and what are the current regional hotspots. All this means we can better serve our clients.

The 24.38m Ferretti yacht Evolution is listed for sale with C&N at $2,599,000

How important is the US as a market for Camper & Nicholsons and do you expect this to change in the coming years?

With over two centuries of experience in the industry, the company is a trusted name in yachting, offering exceptional services and expertise to clients worldwide. As such, the US is a top priority for us and our investment in the next three to five years will reflect that strategy. Gaining market share will be paramount, so watch this space!

To find out more about Camper & Nicholsons and the yachts available in the US, contact the company directly here.

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