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How Caterpillar is propelling the superyacht industry into a reduced-carbon future

6 November 2023 • Written by Hannah Rankine for Caterpillar Marine

In the world of superyachts, where precision, reliability and uncompromising performance are paramount, Caterpillar Marine has emerged as a leader in the engines and generators sector with its comprehensive suite of offerings. Cat® Yachting – the brand’s team dedicated to the yachting sector – has had a profound impact on the industry, providing superyacht captains and crew with a one-stop destination for all their engine needs. With a range of cutting-edge products, Caterpillar Marine continues to push boundaries in marine power and propulsion.

Cat C32B: More power, speed and peace of mind

Whether you're considering it for a new yacht or as a repower solution for your existing vessel, the C32B engine offers unmatched performance and versatility. The most powerful 12-cylinder engine in its class, it is the perfect choice for luxury yachts, with the smaller, power-dense engine allowing for more valuable space on board.

Credit: Caterpillar Marine

Compared to its predecessors, the C32B represents a significant advancement in marine engine technology. With a 25 per cent power increase, it delivers unparalleled performance, allowing your yacht to reach new levels of speed. Moreover, thanks to its advanced unit injection system, the C32B ensures a quieter operation with a 25 per cent noise reduction, allowing guests to have a more peaceful and quiet time on deck.

“We’ve had a great introduction of the C32B engine and many of the key yacht builders have already installed C32B engines in their vessels, both sportfishing and motor yachts," explains Allen Bowman, global segment manager for yachting and fishing.

Credit: Caterpillar Marine

One of the key features of the C32B is its sequential turbocharging system, which enables improved acceleration and maximises torque output. This technology provides enhanced power delivery, ensuring the yacht can navigate challenging waters with ease.

The C32B is certified to all of the major emissions requirements, including U.S. EPA Tier 3 recreational, IMO II, RCD II, China II and IMO III.

Cat Concierge Plus: Hassle-free ownership

Building off Cat Concierge, Cat Concierge Plus provides owners with a 100 per cent hassle-free service for their engines. Soon available globally with all C32B engines, it's a proactive solution that covers all maintenance work and even preventive maintenance. Its digital platform connects engines to the CAT team, meaning the system can identify potential issues in advance and proactively work to schedule maintenance.

The CAT Concierge Plus team will be a single point of contact for owners, and will work with them to provide dockside assistance to ensure they can quickly and easily connect with the nearest dealer and get back on the water as fast as possible

Credit: Caterpillar Marine

Cat MPC100: A whole new world of control

The MPC100 is an advanced, adapted and agile propulsion control system in a class of its own. It delivers an enhanced user experience with visual and haptic feedback, ensuring intuitive and precise control. Able to accommodate multiple powertrain configurations, it is suitable for a wide range of vessels.

Beyond its functional capabilities, the MPC100 stands out with its contemporary product design, exuding a sophisticated look and feel. A favourite among yacht captains, its advanced ergonomics ensure a comfortable grip in multiple ways, enhancing the user's control experience. Various customisation options, from lever head material to built-in helm integration, allow the user to tailor the MPC100 to their individual preferences.

When it comes to reliability, the MPC100 is a tough worker. Its unique redundancy solution module eliminates downtime, ensuring continuous system operation. The glass interface provides a consistent look and feel at the bridge, contributing to seamless integration within the yacht's control systems.

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Introducing the Cat MPC300: Revolutionising propulsion control

Offering a host of benefits, the brand-new MPC300 is a game-changer in propulsion control. A Marine Class Society Type-approved solution, it boasts a distinctive integrated lever design that prioritises user interaction. Its ergonomics provide a natural and comfortable grip, ensuring intuitive control for captains. Additionally, the customisable tops of the lever can be covered in various materials, allowing for individual adaptation of the lever's head to seamlessly blend with the yacht’s interior styling.

The interface of the MPC300 is dynamically adapted, focusing on the user and adjusting to the powertrain capability and mode of operation. This ensures that the display and button functions align with the specific needs of the vessel, enhancing ease of use and optimising performance.

One of the standout features of the MPC300 is its extensive integration and customisation capability. It goes beyond traditional propulsion control systems by offering the ability to integrate additional functions and controls through a single system. For example, it can seamlessly turn on and off display systems in various locations of the yacht, enabling a unified control experience across the vessel.

Furthermore, the MPC300 boasts built-in system redundancy, setting it apart from available solutions in the yachting industry. This unique feature ensures uninterrupted system operation, providing captains with enhanced reliability and peace of mind.

The transition to sustainable power

According to Caterpillar, shifting consumer attitudes are reshaping the notion of "luxury" in the superyacht industry. As sustainability becomes an increasingly important concern, forward-thinking consumers recognise the value of reducing their environmental footprint while still indulging in opulent experiences. 

In September 2022, Caterpillar Marine announced that its Cat® 3500E-series marine engines could be modified to run as dual fuel methanol in the future. Many CAT engines are also already able to utilise biofuels and HVO today, without the need for engine design changes.

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Caterpillar is also continuing to bring new solutions to the table. The C32B IMO II option offers up to 10 per cent fuel consumption reduction and the IMO III solution can be turned off when outside of IMO III waters.

“We have a specific configuration of C32B that can be applied if you only need IMO II compliance, and this configuration delivers up to 10 per cent fuel consumption reduction across your operating range when compared to EPA Tier 3,” Bowman adds.

Caterpillar's diverse portfolio of products and services focuses on lower-carbon intensity fuels, hybrid and electric drive technologies, microgrids, batteries and fuel cells, which demonstrates the brand's commitment to supporting customers in their pursuit of more sustainable operations.

Central to this commitment is the implementation of their Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system. By significantly reducing emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx), the SCR system enables superyachts to comply with the most stringent environmental regulations. Caterpillar Marine's SCR system showcases its dedication to sustainability, helping the superyacht industry make steps towards a reduced-carbon future.

To find out more about Caterpillar’s engine and generator offerings to the yachting industry, contact your nearest dealer today.

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