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Behind the scenes with Damen Yachting's SeaXplorer team

1 February 2023 • Written by Damen Yachting

When Damen Yachting's explorer yacht range burst onto the scene in 2015, there was nothing else on the market quite like it. The first two luxury SeaXplorer superyachts, La Datcha and Anawa, first hit the water in 2020 and not only revolutionised the explorer sector but provoked another two custom new-builds, including the brand-new SeaXplorer 60 due in 2024. 

Today, Damen Yachting offers three SeaXplorer designs ranging from 60 to 105 metres. The yachts are some of the world's leading long-range expedition vessels for owners wishing to experience unique adventures. Inside, the award-winning SeaXplorer is built with all the guest areas you'd expect to find on a world-class superyacht – and even with dedicated areas for tech and equipment, no compromise has been made to the amount of space and levels of luxury on board.   

With so many factors involved in creating the no-compromise platform, Damen Yachting collaborated with Bill Springer to bring the people behind the scenes to light, and what it really takes to design, build and operate a go-anywhere vessel. 

Watch the series of videos below to find out more. 

Episode 6: How To Design An Explorer Yacht Interior

The team travel to England to visit studios H2 Yacht Design and Design Unlimited to explore and compare two different SeaXplorer interiors that are currently under construction.

Episode 5: What do you need to go superyacht exploring?

Hear from the brand's exterior design team and discover how they collaborated with real-world explorers to pack the SeaXplorer with everything needed for an adventure.

Episode 4: What Is Explorer Yachting All About?

In November 2022, the Damen Yachting team travelled to Monaco for BOAT International's Explorer Yacht Summit to discuss everything to do with yacht exploration, including the latest trends in the market. 

Episode 3: How We Build Our Explorer Yachts

Take a look inside Damen Yachting's shipyard in Antalya, Turkey, where two brand-new projects – the SeaXplorer 58 and the SeaXplorer 60 – are taking shape in different stages of construction.  

Episode 2: Why We Created The World’s First Explorer Superyacht Line

Bill Springer travels to Holland to find out how Damen Yachting used owners’ feedback to create the SeaXplorer concept. 

Episode 1: What Makes Explorer Yachts Different From Other Superyachts?

Meet Bill Springer on his journey to discovering all there is to know about Damen Yachting’s SeaXplorer superyachts. Also, meet the people behind the brand and learn how the changing preferences of owners and guests are influencing the explorer yacht sector. 

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