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The all-in-one yacht management platform you need to know about

1 July 2024 • Written by Hannah Rankine for Deep Blue

Yacht managers, captains, pursers and heads of department will only know too well the countless scattered emails and Excel sheets that come with the chaotic process of managing a superyacht. This is why DeepBlue launched its all-in-one yacht management software designed to simplify the entire yacht management operation.

Initially launched in 2013, DeepBlue has evolved into a central hub that can integrate all yacht operations tasks into one fully integrated centralised platform available online via desktop or mobile. Thanks to the Offline Sync feature it stays up-and-running and responsive even if mobile network or Starlink becomes unavailable. This eases the workload of crew members and optimises operations for vessels typically ranging from 25-150 metres. Trusted by hundreds of luxury yachts, international management agencies and family offices, DeepBlue’s mission is continuously shaped by the evolving needs of the superyacht industry and user feedback.

"When setting out to create DeepBlue, we gathered yachting professionals in sessions (Managers, DPAs, Captains, Engineers, HoDs, Owner Reps) to learn about the industry problems and complexities before defining our mission. It all turned into a guiding policy that remains to be the dominant factor in our development decisions, " explains Milos Sluga, co-founder & lead developer at DeepBlue. "We discovered that miscommunication among the crew & management, and the lack of timely, relevant information were the primary reasons for massive losses of time and resources. We decided to address all issues with a holistic approach, without shortcuts and compromises. In other words, if processes are connected in a real-life scenario, they are linked in the software. And that makes it so intuitive."

BOAT dives into DeepBlue’s diverse range of modules to show you how the platform refines processes on board.

Comprehensive planned maintenance system

Upgraded in 2022, the Planned Maintenance System module is a standout feature of DeepBlue's platform.This module schedules and monitors maintenance and refit tasks, conducts safety drills and checklists, maintains equipment documentation and manages spare parts inventory. It also includes logbook functionality, auto-logging (via AMCS), purchase order management and detailed maintenance reporting. With real-time insights into the vessel's condition and maintenance program, it helps prevent over-purchasing and simplifies the organisation of shipyard deliverables. It guarantees owners retain a higher value of their precious assets. Designed for ease of use, chief engineers and crew members can manage maintenance tasks efficiently with minimum training.

Efficient accounting management

DeepBlue's accounting module streamlines all monetary processes, specifically tailored for yachts to ensure yacht managers, captains and heads of department stay in sync regarding expenditures and budgets. With features like advanced reporting, expense and income tracking, purchase order and invoice validation system, multi-currency accounting and budgeting, managing finances becomes straightforward and efficient. Additionally, Deep Blue has partnered with Centtrip giving the possibility to automatically reconcile cards and wire transfer operations directly in the DeepBlue finance module, which enables crew members to sync and process everyday expenditures directly with the accounting module, further simplifying financial management on board.

Streamlined HR management

Everyone knows the mantra “happy crew, happy boat” and DeepBlue’s HR management module embodies this principle perfectly. Whether you're managing a crew of three or a team of 100, this module provides comprehensive solutions for work schedules, leave management, payroll and timesheets. Ensuring compliance with maritime laws and optimising daily operations significantly enhances crew satisfaction.

Robust safety management

With strict ISM (International Safety Management) standards, DeepBlue’s safety module ensures your yacht meets them with ease, reducing the workload and anxiety associated with safety audits. It provides an overview of the yacht’s safety compliance status, easy access to procedures, incident recording, ISM reporting, emergency contact database, etc. The module is designed to facilitate communication between the Designated Person Ashore and the officers onboard that raise questions and obtain answers with in-built tracking records.

Effective inventory management

Allowing you to manage all types of items on board, this crucial module features a detailed visual catalogue, optimised to track various kinds of items, such as wine stock, artworks, as well as any simple items. With multi-printer support, any tangibles can be neatly QR-coded, tracked and scanned via smartphones. This module refines procurement with advanced features such as auto-linking of inventory with purchase orders originating from the finance module, custom inventory reports and more. It greatly streamlines stock keeping and allows you to effortlessly monitor the value of your inventory, which can prove essential in the event of any insurance claims. To ensure the system adapts to your specific scenario or layout rather than vice-versa, inventory locations are fully customizable.

Enhanced charter operations

When it comes to charter operations, DeepBlue's dedicated module offers robust APA (Advance Provisioning Allowance) management, ensuring every transaction is transparent, tracked and swiftly recorded. Coordinating contracts, accounting, provisioning and expense approvals, this module provides a centralised platform for all charter-related operations. Streamlining the entire charter process not only saves valuable crew time but also elevates the overall experience for charter guests.

For more information on DeepBlue’s all-in-one yacht management system, contact the team today for a demo.

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