Design and performance converge: MTN’s flat-panel solutions for premium communications

As onboard content and connectivity demands continue to soar, sleek yacht designs need not be compromised with unsightly, bulky domes. Premium performance in yacht communications has been an absolute must-have for years and now designers can directly integrate it into streamlined aesthetics when collaborating with longtime communications innovator, MTN, a Global Eagle Brand.

Retain your yacht's sleek aesthetic with MTN's flat-panel antennas

While flat-panel antenna technology has been touted for some time in the yacht market, availability has been slow because of the unique challenges the maritime environment presents. By applying over 35 years of expertise in maritime communications to ultra-low profile, high-performance antenna technology – already well proven in commercial aviation – MTN is poised to shift the industry again.

Since unveiling this concept at the Monaco Yacht Show in September, MTN engineers have been designing a launchpad from which they can customise solutions on a yacht-by-yacht basis. Based on antennas already in full production, clients can expect custom-tailored systems architected to deliver the highest levels of bandwidth efficiency, reliability and network performance while retaining the unique design of each individual yacht.

Remove the need for unsightly domes while maintaining a strong connection

MTN’s flat-panel solutions are the absolute cutting edge of maritime communications technology and a must for any charter yacht or private owner wishing to stay ahead of the curve. Explore more with MTN at METS 2016 in booth 11.111 in the Superyacht Pavilion or email