Behind the design of Graff's premium diamond Tribal collection

17 May 2021By Graff Jewellers

On 20 March – the spring Equinox, leading jeweller Graff launched the Tribal collection to turn the art of storytelling into reality through diamonds. As a family-run company with a global reputation, Graff is known for crafting jewellery with diamonds of rarity, magnitude and distinction. In the wake of the Tribal collection launch, we caught up with Anne-Eva Geffroy, design director at Graff, to discover how the mesmerising Tribal jewels were created.

“The initial spark of inspiration came from an enchanting folk tale, passed down through the generations, that tells the story of the girl who created the stars,” explains Geffroy. “Tribal represents that feeling of being bonded with people, of groups held together by their shared histories and stories, and mankind’s tribal instinct to search for meaning in the world.”

The Graff Getaway

With nature acting as a deep-rooted theme in the collection, symbolic pieces such as the New Dawn, Night Moon and The Graff Gateway resemble “the journey from dawn to dusk or sunrise to sunset” – a natural journey we all know so well. “We all live under one sky and the sunrise, sunset and phases of the moon are all witnessed with unerring regularity, wherever we are in the world,” continues Geffroy. “The Tribal collection revisits these elemental symbols and ageless motifs that connect us with nature and our roots through a contemporary lens.”

New Dawn

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