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How this brokerage firm stole the spotlight in 2023

22 December 2023 • Written by Hannah Rankine for Edmiston

As the sun sets on 2023, BOAT looks back at a year of extraordinary accomplishments, and at the forefront of this success stands Edmiston, a global leader in providing comprehensive support for yacht owners. In the realm of yacht sales, charter and management, Edmiston has not only met but exceeded expectations.

Sales triumphs

Delivered in 2016, Aquijo was built in the Netherlands by Vitters and Oceanco.

In the fiercely competitive world of yacht brokerage, Edmiston has showcased unparalleled prowess, solidifying its position as a leader in 2023. The brokerage firm has achieved remarkable milestones, with standout sales including the in-house transaction of 60.9-metre Samadhi just 92 days after coming on the market, the in-house sale of 74-metre Andrea (formerly Lady Jorgia), and the ground-breaking sale of 85.9-metre Aquijo, the largest sailing yacht of the year. Notably, the in-house deal of 49.8-metre Perseus (formerly Silencio) secured the title of the fastest pedigree sailing yacht sale in 2023.

Edmiston's dominance extends beyond individual achievements, boasting more brokerage deals for yachts over 30 metres than any other firm. The efficiency of the team is evident, with the average time to sell an Edmiston yacht being half of the global average. Notably, Edmiston has claimed 50 per cent of the market share in Feadship sales and a 20 per cent market share for yachts sold over 65 metres. As we look ahead to 2024, the firm is already steering towards success with significant new-build projects on the horizon.

Expanding the fleet

Ahpo can accommodate up to 16 guests in eight staterooms, and a crew of 36.

Edmiston's growth in 2023 is further underscored by a healthy increase in new charter yachts to its central agency fleet, including several standout yachts: 115-metre Ahpo, 90-metre DAR, 72-metre Arbema and 64.5-metre Silver Angel. Despite selling five yachts from the fleet, Edmiston's central agency portfolio continues to expand, a testament to the firm's ability to attract and represent some of the finest yachts on the market.

“The key to this year’s successes has once again been the close collaboration of our highly diverse, experienced, driven and nimble team backed by the Edmiston platform," says Alex Koersvelt, commercial director at Edmiston.

Taking centre stage at yacht shows

Edmiston's presence at major events in the global yachting calendar, including the Monaco Yacht Show and the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS), was nothing short of spectacular. Showcasing an exceptional brand presence and displaying top-pedigree yachts, these events were pivotal in reinforcing Edmiston's influence and reach in the industry.

In an ongoing commitment to elevate client experiences during boat shows and events, Edmiston has recently undergone a significant redesign of the interior and exterior of the Edmiston London Heliport. This transformation ensures that the facility is not only aesthetically refined but also optimised for the swift and seamless transportation of guests to and from events. Distinguished as the only CAA-approved heliport in the capital, with authorisation for 12,000 take-offs and landings annually, the Edmiston London Heliport offers a premium solution for clients seeking efficient and exclusive aerial transport.

For those traveling to and from Farnborough Airport, the experience is further enhanced with access to the exclusive Edmiston lounge, providing an added layer of luxury to every journey.

Strategic partnerships

In May 2023, Edmiston's collaboration with US aircraft designer and developer Gulfstream marked a significant milestone. Named as Gulfstream's international sales representative for the UK and the Channel Islands, Edmiston now seamlessly integrates luxury yacht experiences with private air travel. This partnership not only strengthens the synergy between yachts and private aircraft but also allows Edmiston to offer unparalleled luxury travel packages to its discerning clientele.

In addition to this, Edmiston's sponsorship of Goodwood for the Festival of Speed and Revival events in 2023 marked a unique collaboration in the automotive industry. This partnership not only showcased Edmiston's dedication to exciting experiences but also facilitated a helicopter airbridge, whisking guests from The Edmiston London Heliport to Goodwood's Heliport in just 20 minutes, adding a touch of luxury to the festivities.

Nurturing the future and preserving the seas

Beyond business success, Edmiston has continued its exceptional work with the Edmiston Foundation, making a positive impact in 2023. Collaborating with UKSA (United Kingdom Sailing Academy) and the Conservation Collective, Edmiston has supported educational and conservation initiatives, demonstrating a commitment to giving back to the community. The partnership with UKSA has empowered thousands of children facing educational inequality and poor mental health, offering them pathways into the marine industry.

"Working with UKSA through the Edmiston Foundation provides an opportunity for young underprivileged individuals to discover the wealth of opportunities that the maritime industry has to offer and funding exceptional candidates right through their higher-level maritime education to ensure we have highly trained individuals working on the yachts in our industry," comments Alex Holden, strategy director at Edmiston.

Simultaneously, Edmiston's collaboration with the Conservation Collective has supported grassroots marine conservation projects in locations where Edmiston yachts frequently travel. From Ibiza to St Vincent & the Grenadines, Edmiston's initiatives range from awareness campaigns to direct action, reinforcing the firm's dedication to eco-conscious practices and community involvement.

For more information on Edmiston’s full-service brokerage offerings, including yacht sales, charter and management, contact the team today.

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