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These brand-new powerful toys can get you from beach club to beach bar in minutes

9 February 2022• Written by Laura Nicholls for WaveShark

Having spent the afternoon lounging around a superyacht’s beach club, you suddenly fancy getting out and about. Enough time has been spent watching the clouds go by, and in the distance it sounds like a beach party is starting. But how to get there? And fast?

The WaveShark Foil

WaveShark has spent the last few years perfecting the tech needed to deliver the fastest premier electric surfboards on the market. The result is the company’s two high-power products: the WaveShark Jetboard and the WaveShark Foil. With top speeds of 37mph and 28mph respectively, these boards are the ideal choice for thrill-seekers who demand the most exhilarating experiences.

The WaveShark Jetboard

WaveShark Jetboard

Dubbed “the most sophisticated and user-friendly modular design in the electric surfboard world”, the WaveShark Jetboard was made to go fast and be green. After a flick of the switch on the remote control, the board is ready to go and can reach the top speed of 60km/h within three seconds. Powered by an electric jet pump propulsion system, this carbon-fibre board can fly over rough and calm water smoothly thanks to its mechanically optimised-hydrodynamic hull engineered to mesh perfectly with a powerful bionic fin. Plus, a roaring 3.6kWh lithium battery ensures up to 45 minutes of ride time.

The rules of hydrodynamics were studied to perfect all aspects of the WaveShark Jetboard

All WaveShark products were designed with the goal of providing the highest safety levels with minimal maintenance requirements. High-strength carbon fibre and aircraft-grade aluminium stop corrosion in its tracks, and an integrated water cooling system keeps the motor at optimal heat levels.

After disembarking, the wireless, waterproof and floatable IPX8 controller can be kept on your wrist if preferred, and the board can be safely stored. The entire board can be dismantled quickly and easily, and an embedded GNSS global GPS system and intelligent processor records the board’s location and the riding route, which can be shared online afterwards.

The WaveShark Foil is equipped with an LED taillight with a flowing effect signalling every turn

WaveShark Foil

Able to reach speeds of up to 28mph, the WaveShark Foil is fitted with the same state-of-the-art GPS and control system as the WaveShark Jetboard. Available in two lengths – 5-foot or 5.6-foot – the WaveShark Foil can be customised with three wing sizes to suit any situation. New boarders will enjoy the larger board with bigger wings for maximum stability, whereas pros and experienced riders will enjoy the smaller, more agile board and fins which are optimised for speed, agility and executing tricks. Built with ultra-light carbon fibre material and an optimised propeller, the largest WaveShark Foil comes with 180 minutes of battery life. All of WaveShark’s boards are zero-emission and come with a powerful four-speed propulsion system that produces less than 50db of sound at full speed.

These boards aren’t just a new way to get from A to B. They are an opportunity to try an exclusive high-profile watersport that can be performed on any kind of water without the need for wind or waves. 

Whether you’re a superyacht owner or a cutting-edge charter company looking to expand its offerings, the WaveShark team is actively seeking cooperation with like-minded dynamic partners as VIP clients, business partners and high-profile ambassadors. To learn more, visit the WaveShark website here.

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