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Experience eco elegance and sustainability at Oil Nut Bay

9 May 2016

You might have heard of Earth Month – a month-long campaign in April that entered its 46th year in 2016, celebrating those who are committed to a healthy and sustainable world. Addressing these issues is central to the vision of  Oil Nut Bay, where every month is Earth Month.

At Oil Nut Bay environmental resources are not sacrificed for the sake of luxury. From buildings fitted with solar panels and tropical landscaping that thrives with rainwater irrigation to eco-friendly architectural design and sustainable innovation, the 400-acre luxury Caribbean real estate development and resort community of Oil Nut Bay puts sustainability at its heart.

Native plants are used to create the green roofs on Oil Nut Bay's Cliff Suites

Oil Nut Bay is situated on the eastern peninsula of Virgin Gorda, in the British Virgin Islands. This stunning island boasts pristine white beaches, lush vegetation and crystal-clear, azure waters for families, watersports enthusiasts and sailors to enjoy. Guests and homeowners are offered 5-star resort amenities alongside the safety and seclusion of their own private island - accessible only by boat or helicopter, and with each stunning villa nestled seamlessly into the diverse topography of the island.

Committed to giving back to the local community through a variety of philanthropic and environmental efforts, Oil Nut Bay’s developer, and Chairman of Victor International, David V. Johnson, has put in place a number of green regulations to help conserve natural resources and enhance energy efficiency at Oil Nut Bay. Renewable energy sources include sunshine, rainwater and saltwater: desalinated seawater is used to plumb homes and fill swimming pools, fresh water is heated through solar power and Oil Nut Bay’s Organic Gardens and property landscaping are irrigated with collected greywater and rainwater.

The beach club at Oil Nut Bay

Owners are not only investing in their dream home but a community project dedicated to preserving the pristine natural surroundings of Virgin Gorda for generations to come. For example, owners are required to generate at least 4kW of solar energy to power their luxury villa, either through rooftop solar panels or buying into the Community Solar Program. Oil Nut Bay stores its solar-converted electricity and uses it to heat water, refrigerate food and light roads, docks, homes and community  amenities, such as the Wellness Studio, Nut House Kids Club and Nature Center, Beach Club, Restaurant and Tennis Courts.

Reclaimed Cyprus Trees from the Everglades are used in the Nut House Kids Club

In addition, to preserve the visual continuity of the community, Oil Nut Bay fuses thoughtful architectural guidelines with the Island’s natural beauty. Methods include single story pod-style building, utilising local building materials and the preservation of green space - designating fifty per cent of the entire land area as open space, including hilltops and beaches.

So why not “Go Green” this 2016 and book your trip to Oil Nut Bay to discover more about its fantastic ownership opportunities, renewable energy projects, and its environmental sustainability program.

Visit oilnutbay.com or inquire at info@oilnutbay.com.