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Superyacht BOLD is for charter with Hill Robinson

How to find a standout charter manager for your superyacht

3 August 2022• Written by Laura Nicholls for Hill Robinson

Although chartering your superyacht can be a good way to offset the costs, it can be a complex process. That’s why having a good charter manager can keep things simple, manage any risk and make sure that the experience of owning a charter yacht is a positive one. This clued-up professional can not only deal with the stack of admin, but knows all there is about yachts and travel.

As one of the industry’s first yacht management companies, Hill Robinson’s team of five charter managers – led by the head of charter management Julie Bichon – has continued to thrive and provide successful charter management. Here Julie shares her expertise on how Hill Robinson’s charter management team stands out from the competition.

Hill Robinson's head of charter management Julie Bichon

Be dedicated

For a large company that employs more than 200 people across 12 offices around the world, Hill Robinson’s fleet of just 19 charter yachts may seem small. However, it is entirely intentional. “We have a small fleet voluntarily so we can give each of our charter clients a dedicated service. The ratio of five managers to 19 yachts enables us to ensure the best results for each yacht,” explains Julie.

By taking the time to get to know each owner and crew well, Hill Robinson’s charter management team can manage and meet all expectations. “The Hill Robinson charter fleet includes both owners who want a successful charter machine and those who want just a few charters booked in around their own usage – it’s our job as charter managers to work around what the owner wants,” she adds. Either way, Hill Robinson gives each of its charter yachts equal attention and care. “Regardless of whether it's the largest 106-metre or the smallest 26-metre yacht, we try not to handle any of our yachts differently. They are all special and that is why we have brought them into our fleet.”

Julie’s team also makes sure a yacht’s crew can adapt to the client’s needs and are happy in their place of work. “The crew is what the clients will remember, and a good working team will always help a yacht stand out from the competition,” she adds.

Be in the know

The last few years have come with a fair share of global issues that have inevitably had an impact on Hill Robinson as well as the yachting industry as a whole. “With events such as coronavirus and Russian sanctions, our jobs have become more challenging. However, we are constantly keeping track of what is going on in the world to help our clients,” says Julie. To help, every employee of Hill Robinson is given extensive training and the support of a technical team. “Charter managers are the ones advising owners and brokers, and so our knowledge and advice must be bulletproof.”

This knowledge also extends to the varied needs of the market and the industry. “In this job, it is essential that we keep ourselves informed of what’s on the market, what’s in build, and any updates to legalities and cruising requirements. The team of five charter managers are spread between Fort Lauderdale and the South of France to keep a broad overview of the market and to be able to properly serve our yachts and clients in the correct time zone,” she says.

Eternity, available with Hill Robinson

Be invested

A successful charter program requires meticulous planning, clear processes and careful financial management. Not only is Hill Robinson invested in this charter management methodology, but goes above and beyond to market its yachts. Having recently invested in an in-house marketing team, Hill Robinson is able to offer each of its charter yachts a targeted marketing campaign. “Each yacht is different and features something special, and so it is positive to see that there is better marketing out there,” says Julie.

It may take time to establish a yacht’s reputation on the charter market but Hill Robinson’s support can speed up the process. As a result of these campaigns, Hill Robinson often sees that its charter fleet is fully booked, with successful charters and a happy crew and owners. “To me, that is what's most rewarding,” she adds.

To find out more about Hill Robinson’s charter management services, contact the firm directly here.

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