First Inmarsat Fleet Xpress dual antennae installed on Ganesha

11 April 2019

A state-of-the-art superyacht deserves state-of-the-art tech and that’s just what 46 metre Vitters sailing yacht Ganesha received when it became the first yacht to have Inmarsat’s Fleet Xpress dual antennae installed on board.

At just 60cm each, the antennae are the lightest and most compact method of accessing High Throughput Service Fleet Xpress maritime broadband and, on board Ganesha, combines VSAT and 4G data to allow guests seamless connectivity at all times. The new connectivity solution will also support on board operations including cybersecurity measures and other services required by captains and crew. It also enables the use of IPTV - an attractive proposition for owners who wish to stream premium-quality television content without interruption during long passages.

Ganesha's new low-profile domes. Image courtesy of Stuart Pearce.

The Fleet Xpress dual antenna solution was deemed to be the best for Ganesha’s needs thanks it unparalleled global bandwidth capacity. Built for adventuring, Ganesha is used to embark on round-the-world voyages so being able to combine Inmarsat’s high-speed Ka-band technology with an L-band FleetBroadband backup, along with automatic switching between the two antennae, eliminates interference from rigs and sails and ensures fast, dependable connectivity wherever Ganesha happens to be.

These new Ka-band 60 GX antennae represent upgrades from Ganesha’s former Ku-band antennae resulting in a substantial weight saving of over 200kg - imperative for a sailing yacht with regatta winning potential. The new low-profile antennae also enhance Ganesha’s sleek sporty aesthetic while improving on board connectivity.

“Being able to enjoy all the benefits of the Fleet Xpress Ka-band service via the inconspicuous dual antennae has greatly enhanced the on board experience,” said Alex Pamment, captain of Ganesha. “The fact that everyone aboard can now essentially take for granted the same broadband quality they would expect on land is a major asset for everything from crew communications, wether routing and real-time business updates to personal messaging and recreation.”

Ganesha is one of the world’s most beautiful performance sailing yachts and now with Inmarsat’s Fleet Xpress solution we have been able to provide global connectivity, ombre her look by replacing the overpowering original domes and improve her performance by reducing the wight in the rig,” added Roger Horner, group managing director of e3 Systems who installed Ganesha’s new antennae. “When combined with our hybrid solution the yacht also has 4G - so three alternative means on communication. This is a win, win, win situation.”

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