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South Shore Beaches, Bermuda

An inside look at Bermuda's booming culinary scene

11 July 2022• Written by Sophia Wilson for Bermuda Tourism Authority

The island of Bermuda may not typically be considered a gourmand superyacht stop-off, but its location and cultural history mean that its cuisine is far from one-dimensional. With a diverse range of influences – including Caribbean, African, British, Native American and Portuguese – a new generation of restaurateurs are taking its culinary credentials to new heights.

Restaurant menus are packed with fresh seafood, including tuna and wahoo and spiny lobster, thanks to the fish-filled waters surrounding the island. Diners can opt for casual local favourites such as fried fish sandwiches loaded with Bermuda onions, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, hot sauce and coleslaw, or head to one of the island’s fine-dining restaurants for dishes such as fish chowder infused with black rum and sherry peppers.

Blu Bar and Grill serves a varied menu with panoramic views of The Great Sound

Seafood even extends to breakfast, where steamed or boiled codfish is a menu staple, served alongside potatoes, hard-boiled eggs and bananas. Fish is not the only natural bounty that Bermuda can serve up. The island’s renowned climate and soil quality create a perfect growing environment for a range of fruits and vegetables, from loquats to onions. Superyacht chefs will be delighted to find an array of fresh produce, from bay grapes and paw paw in the summer to fresh guava, spinach and turnips in the autumn.

Of course, all this food needs to be washed down, and thankfully there’s plenty of rum available for the job. Two classic cocktails were born in Bermuda – the Dark ‘n Stormy and the Rum Swizzle. And while these may be the headline classics, there’s also a fine selection of offerings making their way onto Bermudan cocktail menus. New island favourites include Prickly Pear Martinis and Absolut-ly Peppered, which uses Bermudan Gombey Pepper Jam.

The Beach Club at Rosewood serves culinary classics on a stunning pink-sand beach

This ability to blend traditional and modern Bermudan produce is at the heart of the island’s new culinary movement and will keep even the most discerning of taste buds entertained. 

Top restaurant picks 

Beach Club at Rosewood

If you can snag an invite, this casual yet sophisticated beachside restaurant offers a marketplace-style selection of sushi, barbeque fare and American classics. Signature dishes include grilled Bermuda rock fish and nori-crusted tuna steak.


Overlooking Hamilton Harbour, this sophisticated steakhouse is named after entrepreneur Harry Cox. Indulge in Harry’s favourite four-course meal: a shrimp cocktail, followed by an iceberg salad with maytag blue cheese and bacon, a 10oz New York strip steak and a New York cheesecake.

Spot your yacht in the Hamilton Princess Marina from the open-air 1609 restaurant


Named after the year that Bermuda’s first colony was created, this seafront terrace serves up fresh catch with a Latin twist. Order tuna ceviche tostadas followed by pan-seared snapper with a herb and chilli marmalade.

Wahoo’s Bistro & Patio

Tucked away down a cobblestone street in St. George’s, this local favourite is famed for its wahoo chowder. The casual menu can be perfectly paired with the house speciality – a Prickly Pear Martini.

Lina's is famous for its fresh lobster


Set within the St Regis hotel, one of Bermuda’s newest resorts, Lina offers fresh local ingredients with panoramic views of St Catherine’s Beach. Don’t miss the Sunday brunch, which incorporates Bubble, Bloody Mary and Gin & Tonic stations.

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