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95-metre O’Pari is currently the largest and most expensive yacht for charter in Greece
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Discover the secrets of yacht charter in Greece

29 May 2024 • Written by Georgia Boscawen for Fraser

With glittering coastlines, picturesque craggy coves and tantalising cuisine, chartering a superyacht in Greece is the complete package. For many, exploring Greece means visiting popular cruising grounds to famous islands but the real magic comes when you go against the grain and unlock Greece’s hidden potential.

Knowing how to unveil Greece’s secrets can be daunting without local expertise, which is why having a broker on hand who knows the region better than anyone else is essential.

Having acquired the Greek yachting specialist Atalanta Golden Yachts in 2023, Fraser Greece has forged a steadfast presence in the region and is proud to demonstrate how they open Greece up to their charter guests; creating unforgettable experiences that few others could replicate.

How do you find spectacular locations in Greece seldom visited by others?

"Our itineraries weave together the personal travel experiences of our Greek charter specialists and the expertise of captains who spend half their lives on the Greek seas. Navigating the Greek waters, known for their uncharted territories and unpredictable winds, requires more than skill - it demands a deep knowledge, which our captains possess.

“One of the best things about chartering a yacht in Greece is exploring undiscovered islands. Our captains can take you to secluded havens of breathtaking scenery and crystal-clear waters that are inaccessible by any other means. There are private slices of paradise, away from the crowded tourist spots.” - Popy Kaia, charter director, Fraser Greece

Kefalonia caves

Where in Greece has the best archaeological sites that can be reached by superyacht?

"There are countless hidden adventures in the places we think we know. At Fraser Greece, we embrace the idea of exploration and seeing the islands every year with "new eyes”, knowing that the greatest secrets are always hidden.

“Start with Delos, the ancient centre of the Cyclades, and explore the ruins of the Temple of Apollo and the Terrace of Lions. Another fascinating destination is Tinos, the birthplace of renowned sculptors like Yannoulis Chalepas. In Pyrgos, a village almost entirely made of marble, you’ll find marble pavements, fountains and street signs.

“For archaeology enthusiasts, a private tour of Despotiko, an archaic sanctuary in the Aegean, is a must. Another highlight is Naxos, where guests can explore the Temple of Demeter, a sixth-century BC sanctuary dedicated to the goddess of harvest and fertility, and wander through the narrow streets of Chalki village, known for its pastel colours and beautiful neoclassical houses.” - Valentina Bartolini, marketing and strategy, Fraser Greece

Cooking masterclass on board charter yacht O'Pari
Credit: Fraser

What can charter guests expect from dining experiences?

“Imagine dining on a beach transformed into a picturesque setting, where the gentle sounds of the waves provide a natural soundtrack to your meal. Chairs are thoughtfully arranged around low tables with beach-themed décor enhancing the atmosphere.

“Envision this intimate setup illuminated only by candles, with tables under the stars. Each dish is made with the freshest seafood, caught by our crew that very morning.” - Sofia Kotta, charter specialist, Fraser Greece

Dish prepared by chef on board 33-metre Tigra
Credit: Fraser

Where in Greece should one charter to discover incredible food and the best restaurants?

"For Greeks, delicious food is not only a way of life; there is love in the way Greek food is prepared and served, along with a dose of warm Greek hospitality.

“One of the most charming islands is Santorini, with its small traditional tavernas, Michelin-starred restaurants and wineries. Santorini’s wines are best accompanied by seafood, such as fried calamari and grilled octopus. But the must-try dishes of Santorini are ntomatokeftedes (tomato fritters), fava (fava bean dip drizzled with olive oil), melitzanosalata (aubergine salad) and saganaki (fried cheese appetiser).

“Winemakers grow flavourful grapes like Athiri and, most notably, Assyrtiko. With the oldest vineyards and nearly 2,000 grape growers on the island, captains regularly arrange wine tastings for guests.” - Melina Tsiotsiou, senior charter specialist, Fraser Greece


Can you give an example of one of the many undiscovered cruising destinations in Greece?

"Kimolos is situated southwest within the Cyclades islands, close to the larger island of Milos. Both Kimolos and Milos are part of the Aegean volcanic arc and are predominantly composed of acidic volcanic rocks. This geological composition gives rise to striking rock formations on Kimolos and its neighbour Poliegos, offering breathtaking vistas and crystal-clear waters.

“These islands provide secluded retreats away from the bustling crowds. Additionally, the volcanic activity in the area results in thermal springs emerging in select locations across the islands. Poliegos, although uninhabited, boasts a stunning landscape and is renowned for its pristine waters.” - Helen Skourti, charter specialist, Fraser Greece

Private pool experience while chartering 87-metre O'ptasia
Credit: Fraser

How do captains make the experience unforgettable?

“One of the signature experiences, pioneered by our captains, is the "private pool" concept. This involves manoeuvring the yacht so close to the shore that the water between the yacht’s swim platform and the beach becomes a private swimming area. These waters are crystal clear and shallow enough to see the starfish on the seabed, creating a perfect environment for children to enjoy diving and various water sports.” - Popy Kaia, charter director, Fraser Greece

For a family-orientated charter with young children, where should one cruise to find some exciting mysteries of Greece?

"At the core of the superyacht experience lies the opportunity to enjoy family time together aboard a stunning floating villa. The Greek islands provide a wonderful blend of cultural immersion and exciting activities tailored for families. For example, the long sandy beaches of Paros and Milos feature shallow waters ideal for safe swimming. On Paros, you can walk accessible Byzantine trails or enjoy cycling through charming alleys, visiting the Butterfly Park or exploring the island’s museums. The Environmental and Cultural Park on Paros is fantastic for young yacht charter guests to learn about marine conservation efforts.

“Onboard, our crews can arrange sports and games, staying up to date with the latest water toys and trends. Special themed events, like the Olympic Games, Greek Gods party, pizza masterclasses and seashells workshops, ensure there is never a dull moment. Our crews offer a variety of activities, each corresponding to the kids’ ages, allowing parents to rest easy knowing their children are safe.” - Valentina Bartolini, Marketing & Strategy, Fraser Greece

O'ptasia is available to charter through Fraser Greece
Credit: Fraser

Can you tell me a little about the versatility of the Fraser charter fleet in Greece?

“Our charter fleet ranges from 24 metres to the largest and most expensive yacht for charter in Greece - the 95-metre O’Pari. Each yacht and crew are unique with distinct features so there is great variety in what we have to offer. Across the whole fleet, regardless of size, age and style of yacht, we always work closely with the crew to make sure we offer the charterers and their guests the absolute best experience possible.” - Vassilis Fotilas, managing director and sales broker, Fraser Greece

To explore some of Greece’s hidden coastal gems by superyacht, contact the team at Fraser Greece today.

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