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Galileo G: A charter experience like no other

16 July 2019

Calling all adventure-seekers! Step aboard the globetrotting explorer yacht Galileo G for an adventure of a lifetime…

From the icy climes of Antarctica to the crystal waters of the Mediterranean, Galileo G is made for adventure. Having completed two circumnavigations around the globe, this intrepid explorer is perfect for anyone looking to ditch the glamour and head off-the-beaten-track for an unforgettable charter vacation.

Galileo G is a 55.7 metre Perini Navi with an impressive globetrotting résumé. Ice-classed, she's able to traverse the coldest climates and is fitted with extra-thick plating, an enormous satellite dome for navigating beyond 70-degree latitudes, iceberg radar, rudders with ice knives, super-tough propellers and heated deck gear. In warmer latitudes, she caters for serious diving and is equipped with sonar for wreck hunting - and to top it all off, there's even a rope swing on the main deck.

Galileo G has completed two circumnavigations and a transit of the Northwest Passage

Despite her hardy exterior, guests are cocooned in comfort and luxury with a warm and welcoming interior. She can sleep up to 12 guests and sports a traditional-meets-contemporary design featuring neutral tones with bursts of colour. There's also humpback whale vertebrate and a narwhal tusk in pride of place in the main saloon.

The crew are passionate about nature and the environment and can teach guests everything they need to know about the sea-life and local cultures, as well as taking you on scuba excursions or on-shore explorations. Plus, with a range of 9000 nautical miles, more time can be spent exploring (she once crossed from Auckland to Panama without refuelling).

With a range of 9000 nautical miles, more time can be spent exploring and less time refuelling

Itineraries are available in Antarctica, Greenland, Norway and the West Mediterranean, and Cookson Adventures offers bespoke routes tailored to each charter party that steps aboard. Plus, guests can opt for an on-board expedition leader who can guide guests on kayak trips, ice-climbing excursions, wreck-diving and more. Here's a glimpse at some of the adventures that await…


Antarctica is one of the most unexplored environments on earth - and the most beautiful. With a polar-expert to guide you every step of the way, spend a night camping out on the ice, track down a resident pod of orcas or humpback whales, climb a glacier, and get up close with hundreds and thousands of chinstrap and Adélie penguins


For something a little warmer, Sardinia’s scalloped bays, white sands and rugged coastline make for the perfect summer getaway. Even at the height of the season peaceful anchorages aren't hard to find. Anchor off the ancient city of Alghero and explore Sardinia's labyrinth of underwater caves, kick back on sandy untrodden beaches, then hop back aboard and watch the sun set into the Mediterranean.

Opt for an on-board expedition leader who can guide you on kayak trips, ice-climbing excursions, wreck-diving, and more

Whether conquering an icy mountain or island-hopping your way around the Med, on Galileo G you're guaranteed a charter adventure like no other.

Galileo G is managed for charter by Burgess with a weekly starting rate from €196,000 in the summer and €280,000 in the winter. She is also offered for sale for the very first time exclusively with Burgess.

For enquiries or more information visit burgessyachts.com and for bespoke itineraries visit cooksonadventures.com.