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Meet the global network of yachting professionals revolutionising local superyacht support

5 June 2024 • Written by Hannah Rankine for Evolution Yacht Agents

One of the many wonders of superyachting is the opportunity to travel the world, immersing oneself in diverse cultures, cuisines and climates. However, navigating these varied locales can be challenging without the guidance of local experts in the yachting industry. Enter the World League of Agents, a non-profit global association uniting independent yacht agents committed to delivering top-notch services to superyachts. Drawing on decades of local experience, these companies possess an intimate understanding of their regions. Their teams, deeply rooted in the yachting industry, provide invaluable support to captains, crew and yacht managers, revolutionising local superyacht support on a global scale.

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A network of boutique agencies

All companies within the World League of Agents are 100% independent, ensuring they operate without any obligations or attachments to larger corporations or groups. This independence allows them to make autonomous decisions about joining and collaborating within the League. The association is driven by a non-economic interest, focusing solely on providing clients with top-tier recommendations. Members trust that each company within the League upholds the same high standards of expertise and service.

Transparency is the cornerstone of the World League of Agents' operations. Clients can expect no commissions, no extra fees and no hidden surprises. They work directly with managers from each company in the League, ensuring a personalised and consistent experience across the board. This approach fosters a trusted network of boutique yacht agents dedicated to revolutionising superyacht support globally.

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A global infrastructure

When cruising between different countries, regions or continents, the World League of Agents' extensive network of yacht agents is ready to assist at multiple destinations, ensuring convenient access to support in each port. This robust network has grown organically, bolstered by quality marketing tools, positive recommendations, testimonials and an impeccable brand reputation within the industry. The World League of Agents spans all major yachting destinations, from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean and Florida to the Galapagos Islands.

The League prides itself on delivering services and support through its own team, leveraging its own knowledge, resources, and networks. This approach eliminates the need to outsource any services, providing clients with a consistent, reliable source of information and assistance from a single, trusted entity.

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Comprehensive yachting support

The World League of Agents offers a diverse range of services tailored to meet the multifaceted needs of superyacht owners and crews. From leveraging local knowledge and expertise to create bespoke itineraries, to providing concierge and VIP services that ensure every detail of luxury living is attended to, the League excels in enhancing the yachting experience. Whether it's securing prime berths in each port, facilitating fuel bunkering or offering legal guidance and updates on logistics and restrictions across different countries, the League stands as a trusted ally in navigating the complexities of global yachting. Streamlining customs clearance processes, sourcing provisions and interior supplies, and connecting clients with reliable contractors and engineering support are also examples of the association’s vast array of services.

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Among The World League of Agents members are Evolution Yacht Agents, A-Gents by Catalano Shipping, Pesto Sea Group, Nautica Assistance, S&D Yachts, A+ Yachting, Four Seas Yachting, 360º Yachting, MGMT Group Ltd., Dockside Management, Transshipping Agents, American Yacht Agents, and Superyacht Galapagos. This coverage ensures that yachts receive premium support and service, wherever they are in the world.

“Clients frequently ask us for recommendations of similar agencies that match our standards and that’s what we did. We connect yachts with other companies within the League,” explains Belen Martín, managing partner at Evolution Yacht Agents and founding member of the World League of Agents. “Seeing as we all share the same values, work ethics and commitment to the client, we have already been working together for a long time and recommending each other, ensuring our clients receive the best service when they are not in our area. It just seemed a natural progression that we should formalise this strong alliance.”

For seamless local know-how and logistical support on your next superyacht adventure, contact the team at the World League of Agents today.

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