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5 design principles to build every pilot’s dream high-tech helicopter

15 September 2021• Written by Laura Nicholls for Hill Helicopters

Since Hill Helicopters brought the HX50 onto the market, those on board have been given a new way to fly.

By bringing together revolutionary aerodynamic design, glamorous interiors and exceptional performance, Hill Helicopter founder Dr Jason Hill has been able to create the world’s first private and lightweight helicopter. To do so, he concentrated on these five key principles:

Passenger comfort

In the elegant style you would expect to find in a Grand Tourer, the HX50 can comfortably carry a pilot, four passengers and all their luggage. Passengers are offered space for personal storage, USB ports and four-point harnesses in the sumptuous leather seats, which are also integrated with headset holders, jacks, climate controls and Bluetooth connections. During the flight, all those on board are treated to spectacular views through deep panoramic windows and skylights. The roomy, luxurious interior is complemented by the futuristic, sculpted contours of the helicopter’s exterior.

Class-leading pilot comfort

Thanks to the clean, uncluttered cockpit, the HX50 is every pilot’s dream helicopter. Built with automotive levels of simple operation, class-leading pilot comfort and maximum visibility, the cockpit provides the pilot with everything conveniently close to hand. The single-pilot interface gives control over every system (with full integration of iPad-based navigation and flight planning apps).

Field-proven engineering

Fitted with drag-reducing, retractable wheels for long point-to-point jaunts, the HX50 offers a fast forward flight cruising speed of 140 kts. Her ability to stay easily-manoeuvrable on the ground is thanks to the Helimove Smart System that can be controlled by the pilot or by remote control from a smartphone. As an alternative to wheels, the HX50 can be fitted with a beautifully engineered fixed skid system for use on rugged terrain or unpredictable landing conditions.

Compact dimensions

The HX50 comes with a clever innovation that allows the blades to fully retract back in line with the shape of the aircraft for storage purposes. Able to fit into a small hangar or even a garage, the craft is perfect for a superyacht’s helipad. To make boarding and embarking even easier, the extra-wide doors open front and back for easy access to the cabin and the luggage compartment offers a generous 0.7 cubic metres of space.

Bespoke design elements

As every owner likes to add their own personal touch, Hill Helicopters has devised a range of seven striking colour choices for both the exterior and the interior. The HX50 layout has been made to easily curate a combination of extra features and luxury options to suit the client – including a bespoke colour scheme.

Now taking pre-orders, Hill Helicopters are set to start production in 2023 and come with a base price of £495,000. Those interested should visit the Hill Helicopter website and register for a live presentation with the company’s sales team for more exclusive details.

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