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How to get fit for good (not just the Caribbean season)

23 December 2015

While those staying in colder climes this winter are happily covering up beneath cosy layers and wooly jumpers, for many superyacht owners the pressure of getting into shape for the Caribbean season is looming large. However, this mindset can easily lead to a cycle of pre-holiday weight loss which lasts for just a few weeks before you relax on vacation and it begins to creep back on.

So how to break this cycle? At KX, the luxury private members’ health club dedicated to health and fitness based in Chelsea, London, they offer a bespoke, all-encompassing approach which takes your lifestyle into consideration to make a long-term transformation as effortless as possible. To find out more about KX’s tailored programmes and to see its philosophy in action check out the short films below. To enquire about membership contact KX on +44(0)207 584 5333 or email membership@kxlife.co.uk.


It’s no secret that your workout won’t be nearly as effective if your diet isn’t up to scratch so at KX nutrition plays a key part in your bespoke programme. As Nutritional Medicine Expert Glen Matten explains in this video, he and his team at KX offer knowledge from the forefront of nutritional science to make sure your diet is the best it can possibly be. Thanks to KX’s on-site restaurant, your tailor-made nutrition programme is also completely fuss free. From the ultimate post-workout shake to your everyday meals, everything can be freshly prepared and served at KX or delivered directly to your home or workplace so you need never even think about it.

The spa

What would all that hard work be without the chance to relax and indulge a little afterwards? The KX spa offers a huge range of health and beauty treatments to allow you to do just that. Acupuncture, chiropractor services, sports therapy and physiotherapy will help restore balance to the body after intense exercise while massages, manicures, pedicures and facials will keep you looking and feeling your best. KX even offers a tailored HydraFacial option to ward against the effects of sun exposure - the ideal preparation for the Caribbean season.

Mindful fitness

Many superyacht owners will have experienced the pleasure of sunrise yoga on the top deck but did you know it is also a great way of making sure you get the most out of more conventional exercise? As this video explains, KX ensures every member undertakes a course of mindful exercise to complement their more intense training. This can include activities such as yoga, pilates, meditation, ballet barre and assisted stretching and helps aid recovery, de-stresses both mind and body and provides a complete approach to your health and fitness.

Intelligent fitness

Many people make the mistake of thinking that, when it comes to training, exercises that are effective for one person will be effective for everyone. As explained in this film, KX’s bespoke approach to fitness means each member is provided with a tailor-made programme which includes the interval, resistance and mindful training exercises that will work best for their body. On top of this, KX runs around 110 classes per week ranging from energising yoga to custom high-intensity classes meaning there really is something for everyone.


Working out exactly what your health and fitness goals are is essential to a rewarding and effective training programme. At KX the first step for any new member is an intensive assessment that goes far past simply weighing and measuring. As Health & Fitness Manager Gideon Remfry explains in this video, KX’s pre-training assessment includes body composition tests, blood health, cholesterol and blood glucose tests, posture and movement assessments and a nutrition investigation. These tests give KX a rounded picture of your lifestyle and help contribute towards a tailored plan that will enable you achieve your aims quickly and effectively.