How to get your own superyacht beach club without a costly refit

21 March 2017

A spacious beach club has become a necessity of modern superyachts and is certainly a key benefit for owners looking to charter. But, if you don’t want to build from scratch and your existing yacht doesn’t have a beach club, is it really necessary to undergo an expensive refit to get one?

Create your perfect beach club with NautiBuoy's floating platforms

Thanks to British brand NautiBuoy the answer is now a firm ‘no’. NautiBuoy’s modular floating platforms - which won a DAME Design Award in the Deck Equipment category in 2015 - have been specially designed to attach and extend the aft of a superyacht to create customisable beach clubs in minutes. Available in four sizes, the platforms can be connected in a variety of different ways to create large traditional beach clubs, Jet Ski pontoons, Seabob docking stations, walkways, diving platforms or almost any other use you can think of. Not sure what’s right for you? NautiBuoy’s team of experts will help you work out the perfect configuration for your yacht.

The modular platforms connect via innovative Air Toggle technology (an entrapment free connection which means no hard or mechanical parts are needed) and, because they are inflatable, can be rolled like a carpet and stored quickly and easy in a tender garage without taking up too much room. Worried about weight? The largest platform weighs 42kg and can be carried by just two crewmembers.

But beach clubs should be about fun and relaxation and, as such, NautiBuoy has developed a range of accessories and leisure products to help owners really make the most out of their new beach club. Swimming pool-style ladders will help you gracefully in and out of the water while lounger-style comfort seats in Sunbrella fabrics and headrests upholstered in faux leather fasten securely onto the platform so you can bask in the sunshine from dawn ‘til dusk.

54 metre Mischief is already feeling the benefits of its NautiBuoy platforms

Crew needn’t be burdened with extra work by your new beach club either. Not only do they inflate in mere minutes but they are simple to put together and dismantle with some enterprising crew even finding the platforms a brilliant alternative to tenders for small exterior maintenance jobs. Fully protective covers are available for every size platform so you never need worry about them getting damaged when being used by crew. In addition, each platform is equipped with four 40 litre ballast bags making them stable enough for stewardesses to serve drinks and food without fear of falling.

With superyacht including 54 metre Mischief and 42 metre Emotion already seeing the benefit of their NautiBuoys, get ahead of the next trend in superyachting and order yours now at