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T/T Madame Gu
Credit: Breed Media

Superyacht tenders that are as iconic as their motherships

11 September 2023 • Written by Hannah Rankine for Compass Tenders

When it comes to superyachts, the term 'tender' might conjure images of practical utility. However, for the discerning owners of the world's most magnificent superyachts, the tender is an extension of their floating palaces, embodying the same level of sophistication, luxury and innovation. UK-based bespoke tender builder Compass Tenders has mastered the art of creating superyacht tenders that are as iconic as their motherships. Launched in 2007 with over 65 breathtaking designs to its name, Compass Tenders has earned its reputation as the go-to choice for owners seeking the perfect custom-made tender to match their magnificent superyacht.

“Compass has an experienced and focused design department, headed by Ed Wingate who has been with the company since 2008,” says Compass Tenders founder and CEO Richard Faulkner. “We often liaise with the mothership’s stylist to ensure design characteristics are implemented with accuracy and subtlety. The attention to detail here is in our DNA.”

T/T Nebula

T/T Nebula, also known as Shadow Kitten
Credit: Guillaume Plisson

A prime example of Compass Tenders' prowess is the 12.3-metre tender affectionately referred to as Shadow Kitten, designed to accompany Astilleros Armón’s 68.2-metre shadow vessel Nebula. A winner at the 2023 BOAT International Design & Innovation Awards, the catamaran tender exudes futuristic styling and a seamless family resemblance to its mothership, thanks to a close collaboration with the exterior stylists of the parent superyacht, Schwalgien Yacht Design. With a generous 4.4-metre beam, the open-plan arrangement offers seating for 15 guests and two crew, a streamlined galley and a forward hydraulic door for effortless beach landings. Shadow Kitten delivers a smooth cruising experience and boasts impressive acceleration, achieving a top speed of 40 knots, making it the ideal choice for fast guest transportation and water sports fun.

T/T Al Lusail

T/T Al Lusail, open limousine tender
Credit: Compass Tenders

The brand's ability to fulfill a wide spectrum of superyacht tender requests is exemplified in its exceptional work for Lürssen’s majestic 123-metre Al Lusail, where it crafted both open and closed limousine tenders to match the superyacht's unique style.

The open limousine, measuring 11.2 metres, boasts over two metres of headroom, marine leather seating and an innovative open-back design that can be exposed to the elements. The retractable glazed roof panel provides versatility, ensuring guests can enjoy the sunshine or take shelter when needed while reaching speeds of up to 38 knots.

“Compass is committed to producing tenders with superior build quality coupled with robust operational features,” explains Faulkner. “We handle all aspects of construction in-house with experts in engineering, glazing, mechanics and electrics.”

T/T Al Lusail, closed limousine tender
Credit: Compass Tenders

The 11.2-metre closed limousine tender, on the other hand, is a testament to collaboration with UK-based designer Patrick Banfield and H2 Design. With an elegant, modern interior, iPad-controlled RGB lighting and panoramic glass windows, it provides an unmatched atmosphere of tranquillity for its guests, all while reaching speeds of up to 38 knots.

T/T DreAMBoat

T/T DreAMBoat, limousine tender
Credit: Guillaume Plisson

As well as beautiful aesthetics, Compass Tenders takes immense pride in every aspect of its tender construction, ensuring meticulous attention to detail. Oceanco's 90-metre DreAMBoat boasts two exceptional Compass Tenders - a limousine tender and an open tender.

With seating for up to 12 guests, the limousine tender features a luxurious interior with dimmable LED spotlights, USB charging points and integrated speakers, offering a level of comfort that mirrors the mothership. At 10.9 metres, it is constructed using high-tech carbon composite and epoxy resin.

"The outer hull laminates are specified to take into account robustness and we can also upgrade the hull's core density," notes Faulkner. "As well as this, we always use generous diameters with our handrails and stainless steel work, and up-spec electric motors for door and roof mechanisms."

T/T DreAMBoat, limousine tender and open tender
Credit: Compass Tenders

The open tender, measuring 10.4 metres, is one of Compass Tenders' fastest to date, reaching top speeds of 40 knots. With lifestyle amenities such as aft cushioned sun pads and a hydraulically operated bow door for beach landings, it combines performance and luxury seamlessly.

T/T Moonrise

T/T Moonrise, chase tender
Credit: Compass Tenders

Feadship's 99-metre Moonrise tender is a perfect example of marrying aesthetics with functionality. The naval architecture by Patrick Banfield and collaboration with Kirsten Schwalgien Design ensures a tender that complements its mothership's design beautifully. Both stylish and capable of thrilling speeds of up to 40 knots, the 11.6-metre chase tender features reclining aft sunpads, high-tech composites with epoxy resin construction and a stowed height of just 1.87 metres. “We work closely with a specialist composite engineering company for the structural calculations,” Faulkner adds. “We only use the highest-grade components from trusted suppliers.”

T/T H3

T/T H3, limousine tender
Credit: Compass Tenders
Interior of T/T H3
Credit: Compass Tenders

Always ahead of market trends, Compass Tenders reflects a forward-thinking approach that sets them apart in the industry. The limousine tender for Oceanco's 105-metre H3 is a masterpiece of subtlety, echoing the exterior design of its mothership. “We are seeing an increased demand for luxury amenities such as heated seats, high-spec audiovisual systems and stabilisation systems,” explains Faulkner. With this in mind, the T/T H3 features seating for 12 guests, a climate-controlled cabin, custom leather seating, an integrated audiovisual system and an electrical sliding roof system, providing the ultimate limousine experience on the water. Twin Yanmar 8LV-320hp engines ensure a top speed of 34 knots, while MCA MGN 280 - SCV2A classification adds an extra layer of safety, making it commercially compliant in its own right.

T/T Blue
Credit: Compass Tenders

In addition to these marvels, Compass Tenders has also crafted two limousine tenders for Lürssen's 160-metre Blue and two tenders for Oceanco's 110-metre Kaos, further solidifying its reputation as the premier choice for superyacht tender excellence, which Faulkner describes as the brand's "greatest achievement to date".

For more information on Compass Tenders, or to get a quote for a fully custom superyacht tender, contact the team today.

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