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Innovation asymmetric: Discovering the Sanlorenzo SL102 Asymmetric

30 April 2019

Sanlorenzo has been at the forefront of boating innovation since it was founded more than 60 years ago. During that time, an alchemy of intuition, passion and skill has led to the creation of countless yachts that stand out for their timeless design.

Classic but contemporary, understated yet futuristic, these boats have all been equipped with innovative features that would set new trends. But it is the yard’s latest superyacht, the SL102 Asymmetric, that sees a huge leap forward in terms of design. Take a look on board...

On one side, a full-height window offers endless views of the seascape, on the other, a balcony is the perfect spot for morning coffees

At first glance it is clear that this boat is a Sanlorenzo. The sober lines, the balanced construction, the measured hull openings, the streamlined and unimposing superstructure – all the house characteristics are present and harmoniously correct. Yet if you move around the boat a few times, there is something about the shape of it that strikes you. It’s something never before seen in yachting – and indeed never even thought of before: it’s a boat whose sides do not mirror each other.

The SL102 Asymmetric completely rethinks the established layout of a superyacht. It eliminates the port-side corridor while retaining the one on the starboard side, which allows for a full-height window overlooking the sea on one side, and a living room opening onto a balcony on the other. This new approach endows the boat with much more internal space and brightness.

Looking like a wide body hull, this remarkable model manages to seem much larger than its 31.1 metres. It feels like a modern villa floating on the seas. The SL102 Asymmetric is innovation and design at its finest.

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