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LYNX YACHTS and U-Boat Worx team up on submarine-capable support vessel

1 December 2020By Lynx Yachts

LYNX YACHTS has teamed up with submarine specialist U-Boat Worx for a new configuration of its YXT range of support vessels, geared towards owners looking to cruise with a submarine in tow. 

The YXT range was conceived as a solution for owners who have outgrown their current toy garage by offering extra space in the form of a robust shadow vessel, and avoiding the need to shell out for a larger yacht. The new LYNX submarine configuration is an appealing option for adventure-seeking owners looking to explore the underwater world like never before.

LYNX YACHTS and U-Boat Worx have combined their expertise and know-how to create the ultimate submarine-capable support boat based on LYNX's existing YXT 24 and YXT 34 platforms. “The two proposals not only offer a choice of submarine and garage set-up”, said Filippo Rossi, sales & marketing manager at LYNX YACHTS, “but also include a redesigned interior layout to accommodate the submarine crew on board without the need to house extra staff on the mothership.”

“The cooperation between LYNX YACHTS and U-Boat Worx results in a platform for the true explorer at heart. With 95% of the oceans still unexplored, the combined technology and innovation now provide life-changing experiences to discover the countless mysteries of the deep,” added Roy Heijdra, marketing manager at U-Boat Worx.

With six sizes in the YXT series - ranging from 20 to 40 metres - each design centres around a vast open aft deck providing the perfect platform for the launch, recovery and stowage of larger toys and tenders, with room for additional crew below.

U-Boat Worx, meanwhile, is the largest builder of private submarines in the world, from commercial-sized subs to a smaller superyacht series designed specifically with the luxury market in mind. 

While its smallest offering was designed to slot into a tender garage with ease, yachts may not be equipped with the correct tools for launch and recovery - the partnership with LYNX YACHTS solves the entire problem by offering complete integration with room to spare.

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