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Mangusta GranSport33: What this young American owner added to his brand-new yacht

9 September 2022• Written by Parisa Hashempour for FMC GlobalSat

One of the latest hulls to drop from Mangusta’s GrandSport33 line is famed for her stylish lines and sumptuous interiors. However, the sleek aesthetics of this sporty 33.3-metre yacht aren’t her only most talked about feature. Keeping her guests connected wherever they are, this Overmarine yacht features some of the fastest internet connection and technology available.

But it wasn’t always this way. The Mangusta GranSport33 started life with basic internet service. After her springtime 2021 launch, the yacht was due for immediate departure to Monaco for the Formula One Grand Prix. Once there, her young American owner soon realised that the onboard connectivity system was not quite up to his exacting standards. 

“To correct this issue, I decided to contact FMC GlobalSat, a company that I considered to be an expert in that field,” explains the yacht’s captain. “Immediately after I received approval from the client, we cooperated with FMC to implement a reliable solution.”

At first, delivering high-grade connectivity to the Mangusta GranSport33 presented some challenges. As the yacht was already at sea, a lasting solution from the US-based company would have to wait until the boat could travel to FMC GlobalSat’s East Coast base. “However, FMC wasted no time and quickly deployed the equipment and material we could use for a temporary solution,” says the captain.

When the vessel was transported to Florida at the end of the season, FMC finalised their installation, which included an unlimited data plan with hundreds of Mbps, worldwide coverage and the highest priority on the network. In the following months, the yacht’s new systems were trialled across Europe, North America and the Bahamas and offered fast and reliable 690 carrier internet.


Through tailored monthly packages, FMC GlobalSat makes it easy for clients to get data plans and network services perfectly suited to the size and needs of the yacht. For the new Mangusta GranSport33, FMC tailored a monthly subscription that included coverage up to 40 miles offshore before switching to satellite. “There is no need for the owner and his guest to worry about changing SIM cards when roaming and sailing to multiple countries,” says Bertrand Ruat, Maritime Sales Director at FMC. “This service is ideal for owners wanting to securely run their businesses remotely, and for guests and crew who want to access unlimited free VOIP in 46 countries.”


Since its inception, FMC GlobalSat has delivered outstanding connectivity solutions to over 300 yachts and facilities around the world. The Florida-based company enables internet coverage on GEO, MEO and LEO satellites, as well as through 5G and 4G wireless networks in over 210 countries, providing M2M & Broadband connectivity solutions across the global maritime sector and beyond. “Our networks incorporate Tier 1 carriers, and satellite infrastructure that includes hundreds of satellites, teleports and a 24/7 enterprise-grade global technical support organisation which enable us to provide SD-Wan, direct VPN, MPLS and other network tunnels while optimising data traffic routes,” say the communication pioneers.

To enhance their global network, FMC GlobalSat acquired the Santander teleport in Spain. Boasting a Tier 3 Data Center and 30 antennas, ranging from 3 to 15 meters with access to Ku, Ka, X and C band reception and transmission, will ensure that many more yachts are able to access some of the highest speed internet connectivity out at sea.

To find out more about FMC’s services and how they can benefit your yacht, contact the company directly here.

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