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OceanLED debuts the all-new Explore E8 underwater light

Make your superyacht standout at night with the Explore range of underwater lights available as a dual or full colour change light, that’s sure to draw crowds.

The new Explore E8 is a first-in-market optical design within a technologically advanced bit of kit that sets it apart from any other underwater lighting. As part of the Explore range by Ocean LED, the E8 is a superior development on the existing E3, E6 and E7 that came before it.

Pushing the boundaries of underwater lighting, the E8 is the most advanced package of optical design for underwater lights, using proprietary technology and electronics to create a perfect halo of light around your superyacht.

Featuring an impressive 13,000 fixture lumens, with a reflector optic producing a 90° top beam alongside a 20° side beam as standard for the Explore range, the E8 also utilises its advanced optical package to produce a precise 0-50° projection angle, enabling it to place the light where it can be seen regardless of the angle of the hull that it is installed in.

Each order is custom to you and your superyacht to ensure you get the look you’re after to make your superyacht a show-stopping vessel by night. Better yet, the E8 requires minimal effort to install thanks to the small form factor and a single size cofferdam. For smaller lights it packs a punch. The built-in driver results in more space inside the yacht and quicker installation times.

E8 Counter Hull Explanation

Thanks to recent innovations in the Explore range such as the E7 XFM light, OceanLED is catering for a wider number of vessels that ordinarily wouldn’t have such lights due to hull shape and other potential constraints. The Explore E7 and E8 shine light towards the surface of the water from all types of boat and hull design, including sailing boats, as opposed to simply emitting unfocussed light at the same angle as the hull.

"The E8 represents a significant evolution in superyacht underwater lighting and has been designed by our dedicated and experienced in-house engineering team."

_"The E8 builds on our research and development of reflector optics, and now takes this advanced technology a step further. E8 is the latest product from OceanLED and builds on our reputation for high standards, exceptional innovation and the high quality of engineering our customers have come to expect from us.” _says Charles Stuart, Managing Director, OceanLED.

OceanLED has developed the Explore range in close collaboration with many of its customers, some of the largest Superyacht yards in the world including yards producing some of the new high-end explorer vessels. As such, OceanLED is accustomed to creating robust lighting that can endure the toughest elements and integrate seamlessly with internal control systems.

The Explore E8 is just the latest in a campaign of new, innovatory lighting for superyachts from OceanLED.

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