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Have you factored the Olympic Games Paris 2024 into your yacht's itinerary?

7 December 2023 • Written by Holly Margerrison

With the Olympic Games Paris 2024 just around the corner, the clock is ticking to ensure your trip is thoroughly researched, planned and booked. But with all the admin involved, the pressure of ensuring each aspect of your itinerary runs smoothly can dampen spirits. 

Fear not, the Olympic Games custom hospitality packages have accounted for the practical factors (as well as all the VIP experiences), illuminating the very best of the City of Light. From exclusive programming, such as private transportation, dedicated program management and exclusive tours, a custom package covers every aspect of your trip so you can focus on the international multi-sport event. 

As the official hospitality provider for the Olympic Games Paris 2024 – in addition to Milano Cortina 2026 and Los Angeles 2028 – On Location is an expert in curating premium sports packages and is uniquely positioned to offer you a customised end-to-end travel programme. 

Expect unprecedented access and white glove service, built with your preferred event tickets and premium accommodations. Should you wish, On Location can interface with you directly for custom programming requirements and planning.

With all that in mind, BOAT guides you through the custom packages, from start to finish.

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Celebrate the magic of the Opening Ceremony

Breaking with tradition, the Opening Ceremony will not be held in a stadium; it will instead unfold on the Seine River and Paris' quays and bridges. Witness the emotive opening from four exceptional locations: the bridge, the quayside, the riverside or the Trocadero.

The Bridge 360 package secures you a place on a bridge with breathtaking views of the parade and the Eiffel Tower with hospitality surrounding the Opening Ceremony.

Yacht enthusiasts will love the Quayside package, which promises a premium place on board a boat or deck moored on the Seine. Expect hospitality and entertainment before, during and, depending on the offering, after the Opening Ceremony. Like the Quayside package, privatisation is possible.

The Riverside package, meanwhile, situates you in an optimal location in the grandstand with a central hospitality space offering multiple hospitality service levels.

Those looking for the most exclusive place to watch the Opening Ceremony should opt for the Trocadero Exclusive offering. The premium package invites you to a gourmet dinner in Trocadero with stunning views of the Eiffel Tower – plus, the chance to witness history unfold by watching the lighting of the flame.

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Enjoy access to premium accommodation and transport

Custom packages take the hassle out of your trip with its priority access to a coveted inventory of five-star and five-star Palace accommodations in the heart of Paris. The Custom Programme can be for 20 guests for six nights, or 10 double occupancy standard rooms.

When it comes to your movements around the bustling city, this year marks a first in Olympic Games history as individuals outside of the Olympic Games family will be able to use official roadway lanes and on-site venue parking, meaning there will likely be heavy traffic. Luckily, hospitality ticket holders can benefit from a seamless transport plan personalised to your programme. 

Through exclusive custom transport services, you can use a dedicated fleet of specially permitted vehicles and benefit from efficient private mobility throughout your stay. You can also expect a meet and greet service from the airport or railway for each couple on arrival.

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Personalise your Olympic Games hospitality experience

The substantial portfolio of private and shared in-venue hospitality options allows you to personalise your Olympic Games experience to suit your preferences. Choose between Bronze, Silver or Gold packages – ranging from casual hospitality packages to elevated and elite inventories respectively. All three grant you access to shared in-venue lounges with three different levels of before, during and post-event itineraries. There is also the option to go private with an in-venue box and plenty of exclusive benefits.

The superyacht-goers guide

With so many package options, superyacht goers could also tailor their Olympic Games hospitality experience to fit around their charter. Better still, the Olympic sailing events will be held in Marseille, where the lively marina plays host to a range of boat-related events across the yachting calendar. In just under four hours, regatta enthusiasts can travel between the two cities to absorb the best of the sporting action.

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Soak up Salon 24, your VIP oasis

Custom Programme clients will have access to exclusive hospitality in Maison de lʼAmérique Latine, located in the heart of Paris. Unwind before your sporting session within the mansion and its Versailles-style gardens while you enjoy Parisian-inspired cuisine, entertainment and activities.

Inspired by the visionary founder of the modern Olympic Games, Pierre de Coubertin, Salon 24 will offer you a rare opportunity to follow in Coubertinʼs footsteps, and celebrate the evolution of this important global sporting event from the Olympic Games Paris 1924 to the present day.

Customise your hospitality experience with bespoke tours to special events

The diverse portfolio of custom hospitality experiences offers the perfect way to elevate your stay in Paris 2024. Choose from bespoke tours to special events with venues to suit every need, from entertaining to meetings.

Host an unforgettable event in one of Paris’s most iconic landmarks, such as the Louvre Museum or the Eiffel Tower; access high-demand inventory for private dinners in central Paris, including Monsieur Bleu and La Suite Girafe; or immerse yourself in French culture with tours and excursions. With the Custom Programme, you can also secure hotels to use for hospitality lounges, special functions or meetings.

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Estimated pricing

In terms of the Olympic Games sporting events themselves, the programme includes one Olympic Games event per day, outside of arrival and departure days, with special access to shared on-site hospitality lounges. The Celebration Programme is currently budgeted to include one Bridge 360 Hospitality Package for each guest, while the Team USA Handoff Program is currently budgeted to include one Closing Ceremony Gold level hospitality for each guest (both with availability subject to change).

Estimates for the Custom Programme are listed below, based on per-person double occupancy:

  • Opening Wave estimated started price range: €43K - €55K
  • Middle Wave estimated starting price: €37K - €49K
  • Close Wave estimated starting price: €42K - €54K

For more information on the Olympic Games Paris 2024 custom hospitality offerings, or to book now, explore the packages today.

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