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Credit: Perry Marina Key West

The Florida Key West marina that boasts world-class superyacht amenities

3 November 2023 • Written by Hannah Rankine for The Perry Marina Key West

A superyacht journey is more than just exploring new places, it's about finding a home away from home and services that cater to your every need. Nestled in the heart of the vibrant Florida Keys, The Perry Marina Key West, owned by Integra Investments, stands as a shining beacon of yachting hospitality and top-quality services. Whether you're docking a superyacht, commercial vessel, or anything in between, the marina is committed to providing the best yachting experiences to yacht owners, guests and crew.

Credit: Perry Marina Key West

Where every stay feels like coming home

At The Perry Marina Key West, the term “hospitality” takes on a whole new meaning. Victor Ballestas, principal of Integra, underlines its ethos: “We do not endeavour to be the biggest, but we do aspire to provide the best yachting experiences in the industry by purchasing high-end marinas and demonstrating sincere care for all boaters.”

This commitment to creating a welcoming and tight-knit community is evident in every facet of the marina experience. “As commercial and real estate developers with high-end properties throughout The Florida Keys, Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton, we have built our reputation on creating and enhancing top-calibre communities, both on and off the water,” adds Ballestas.

From personalised greetings to memorable events, The Perry Marina Key West transforms each visit into a cherished homecoming. The marina prides itself in welcoming returning guests as old friends and a stay isn't just accommodation, it's an immersion into a warm and genuine maritime family. Every yacht is treated to a personalised welcome pack, thoughtfully curated with items like a bottle of wine, snacks, historical site information and visitor guides.

“Teaming up with Oasis Marinas, our operating partners, allows us to provide a unique personal touch, frankly, unseen at most marinas,” Ballestas explains. “We distinguish ourselves from other marina portfolios in that we have extraordinarily passionate and uniquely qualified professionals, including one executive solely focused on marina operations and boater satisfaction.” This personal touch, combined with its partnership with Oasis Marinas, ensures that every aspect of the marina is tailored to every yacht’s needs. “Everything, and I mean everything, begins with the boater in mind,” Ballestas adds.

Credit: Perry Marina Key West

The deepest marina in the Florida Keys

One of The Perry Marina Key West's standout features is its deep-water advantage. Boasting the deepest water in the Florida Keys, the marina can cater to a diverse range of vessels, from megayachts to commercial fishing boats. With the ability to accommodate vessels with a maximum draught of six metres, a characteristic unique throughout the Keys, the marina sets itself apart as a premier destination for unparalleled accessibility.

With 288 slips able to accommodate yachts up to 100 metres in length and beyond, The Perry Marina Key West is equipped to meet your needs. Every reservation includes not only dockage but also pump-out services and access to a comprehensive list of amenities.

Credit: Perry Marina Key West

Convenient, world-class amenities

Step onto the state-of-the-art Bellingham concrete floating docks, and you're welcomed into a world of modern maritime infrastructure. But it's not just the docks that make The Perry Marina Key West exceptional, it's the comprehensive array of world-class amenities that truly set it apart.

From multiple restaurants and a programme of events to a 24-hour fitness centre and swimming pools, the marina is the perfect holiday destination. A convenient hourly shuttle service transports guests to the historical downtown Key West, renowned for being the wealthiest city per capita in the United States. For those seeking to explore at their own pace, golf carts, scooters and bicycles are available for rent through the marina’s concierge.

“With 154 chef-owned restaurants just moments away from the marina, there's a meal for every desire,” Ballestas notes. The marina's concierge services also extend to assisting owners and crew in crafting their ideal waterfront experiences, whether it's snorkelling, diving, world-class fishing or sunset cruises.

In November 2023, Bad Boy Taqueria and Tequila Bar will open its doors to visiting yachts. This addition to the marina's offerings promises to serve the best tacos and tequila cocktails in Key West. With this delicious Key West staple located right at the docks, there's no need to travel far to indulge in a delightful gastronomic experience.

For the captains and crew, The Perry Marina Key West provides a haven of relaxation. The second-floor boaters' lounge offers breathtaking views of the marina and the Atlantic Ocean. “By the end of November, our lounge will be fully renovated with a large screen, all-new furniture, a pool table, shuffleboard and a bar,” Ballestas shares. Additionally, there's an exercise spa and two Olympic-sized pools on the grounds to ensure that crew members can maintain their fitness even while away from their home base.

To book a berth at The Perry Marina Key West for your next holiday, contact the team today.

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