Rossinavi's new 34-metre explorer yacht with hybrid electric propulsion

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Credit: Rossinavi

On board the 43m hybrid-electric catamaran with solar panels and AI

13 June 2024 • Written by Hannah Rankine for Rossinavi

If there’s one shipyard cementing itself even further as a leading superyacht builder, it’s Rossinavi, with the recent launches of 59-metre explorer yacht Akula, 49.9-metre No Stress Two and 65.7-metre Alchemy, which took home the prestigious Motor Yacht of the Year at the World Superyacht Awards 2024.

Just when it seemed Rossinavi had reached its pinnacle, the shipyard stunned the global yachting industry by venturing into the catamaran market with the launch of what it calls its “most innovative project” to date. The 42.8-metre hybrid-electric catamaran named Seawolf X, previously known as Sea Cat, features cutting-edge innovations, such as solar panels and AI, a testament to Rossinavi's commitment to the environment through its BluE initiative, which launched in 2022.

BOAT sits down with Rossinavi’s COO, Federico Rossi, to unpack some of the superyacht’s standout features…

“This kind of propulsion philosophy works very well on multihull vessels,” Rossi explains. “Catamarans are very efficient when it comes to navigation as they can reach good speeds with little power. They are also very stable boats, so they rely less on stabilisation systems that use lots of battery power. The wider beam also allows more surface area for the solar panels.”

Credit: Rossinavi

Nature-inspired design

The exterior of this "futuristic" catamaran is the work of Fulvio De Simoni Yacht Design, boasting a streamlined, low-profile silhouette reminiscent of a sports car. The design includes three distinct exterior living areas: a sociable cockpit centred around a pool, a spacious sundeck with areas for sunbathing and relaxation, and a bow area featuring a hidden pool that transforms into a home theatre.

The designer also incorporated solar panels, optimising surface area for energy recovery as part of the shipyard’s commitment to environmentally friendly features. The hull's efficiency was enhanced through lightweight solutions, including an anchor installation that met weight standards and improved the vessel's aesthetics.

Inside, the design draws inspiration from nature, evoking the sun, sea and sand. "We used natural materials and, when possible, natural colours, to achieve this," says Rossi.

Credit: Rossinavi

Energy-efficient features

The model operates with three distinct “performance scenarios”. For one-day trips, the catamaran can cruise entirely in full electric mode. On multi-day voyages, she maintains electric mode for 90 per cent of the time. Even on transatlantic journeys, she manages to cruise in electric mode for 80 per cent of the time.

“When the owner is not on board, the vessel goes into ‘hibernation’ mode when only the fundamental systems on board are in use," Rossi notes. The hibernation mode activates when the catamaran is moored, minimising consumption and allowing the excess energy generated to be supplied back to the quay or a private property. Seawolf X produces enough energy to power an entire villa.

Additionally, the catamaran is equipped with two diesel generators capable of quickly recharging the batteries. She also features fast charging, meaning she can fully recharge at shore power within just five hours.

Credit: Rossinavi

Embracing the power of artificial intelligence

The catamaran features an onboard artificial intelligence system known as Rossinavi AI, designed to enhance comfort and maximise the yacht’s environmental efficiency. The AI constantly monitors the vessel’s operations, acting like a brain that learns from observation and anticipates the needs of guests.

Rossinavi AI maintains continuous communication with the crew, advising them on how to adopt lower-impact behaviours and promoting conscious cruising. “For example, if the chef is cooking in the galley and there is laundry in the washing machine and dryer at the same time, the system picks up a peak in consumption and informs the crew,” Rossi says.

The AI software also monitors the battery pack, ensuring it remains within the optimal range of 20-80 per cent to prolong its lifespan. Additionally, it supervises and interacts with the crew to maintain efficient operations.

Looking ahead, Rossi envisions advancing AI capabilities in future Rossinavi models, with the potential for the system to alert guests when dolphins or other wildlife are nearby, ensuring they don't miss the chance to enjoy such sightings.

To find out more information on Seawolf X or other innovative Rossinavi models currently under construction, contact the shipyard today.

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